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Joined: 2009/12/13
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 advantages of a member in SI

What are all the advantages and access available in the SI for a member ,please answer for iam new to this community?

d.sam jayakaran

 2009/12/27 15:20Profile

Joined: 2006/1/31
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 Re: advantages of a member in SI

well the advantage is you can participate in the forum, you can interact with other members through PM, but other then that there is not so much a difference as to what material you can access, all things are offered for free whether you have signed up or not. You can download all things even if you do not sign up. I do encourage you to sign up and participate in the forum in a up building way for the saints. Also i recommend to go "dig" in the forums, there have been some very precious gems of posts posted through SI history, some of the most challenging and encouraging things i ever read where here in the forum, i read some things that made me sad also but there is so much good to find for those who have time to search a bit.

Welcome and i hope you will share some more in some of the threads or share what you may have to offer others in way of encouraging words, articles, or sermons you have heard etc.

God bless you.

also if you have not you may want to read through this [url=]how to make the most out of sermonindex[/url]


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Phoenix, Arizona USA

 Re: advantages of a member in SI

What are all the advantages and access available in the SI for a member ,please answer for iam new to this community?

Don't let Christian's reply fool you, the advantages are vast.

First , there's the covered parking...

Then, there's the Nicklaus designed championship course...

Then, the fitness center with pool and spa...

Membership definitely has its advantages.

Welcome to Sermonindex Sam! ;)

In Christ,


Ron Halverson

 2009/12/27 18:01Profile

Joined: 2003/11/23
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 Re: advantages of a member in SI

Hi samraj...

What are all the advantages and access available in the SI for a member ,please answer for iam new to this community?

I have been a part of SermonIndex for over six years. The resources on this website have been incredibly helpful in my own walk with the Lord. From what I can tell, "membership" is really limited to participation in the forums. However, the Lord has used these forums to strengthen, encourage and challenge me. The "members" are believers (and on occasion, [i]unbelievers[/i]) from many nations and backgrounds. It is a marvelous thought to realize that God has reserved for Himself a people who have not "bowed their knees to Baal" all around the world. We are not alone.

People in the forums may disagree on certain peculiarities in regard to spiritual or doctrinal matters, but it is encouraging to know that there are like-minded believers around the world -- believers who truly long to see the face of the Lord. I think that we are united by this longing -- a sincere longing to intimately know Jesus the Messiah.

Is this an "advantage?" Yes. There is an encouragement that comes to many people who might feel all alone. When I was in high school, I moved to an area of the country where I felt so very alone. I didn't know a single Christian in my high school. Yes, there were plenty of "Church people." However, I didn't know anyone who hungered for God like I did or who shared that same longing that was in my heart. I cried out to God that He might send a friend to me. During that time, I grew tremendously as I walked alone. When I later discovered this website (a hidden treasure), I rejoiced in the interaction with other brethren. After all, one of the purposes of the Church is to encourage and strengthen one another (Hebrews 10:24-25). Some believers might find that here while living and working in places where they might not otherwise feel it.

The ultimate mission of this website, however, is NOT for debating spiritual matters. The forums were created primarily for this type of encouragement as believers could discus many of the wonderful audio, video and text messages (and their subject matters) that are found here on SermonIndex. However, I have been encouraged by the interaction with others. I have seen myself grow in Christ over the past 6+ years. So, I think that the "access" of members is limited mostly to the forums...but the Lord can use that access and cause it to be a remarkable "advantage" in our spiritual lives.

Be encouraged in Christ Jesus, samraj!



 2009/12/27 18:53Profile

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