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 a little Christmas miracle

In Germany We celebrate Christmas on the 24th . We had a family reunion with my brother and sisters family who are not believers. I started singing some Christmas songs to them. In a break between 2 songs someone played a record with some frivolous X-rated songs. The song was so foul that I had to leave the room. Outside I pleaded with God to help me not to vent my disapproval but that He would do a miracle in response. After a while I returned to the room and found that the record player had broken down and produced some awful howling noise so they had to switch off the player.
I told them that I had prayed that God would tamper with the record player which HE did!
I got my chance to tell the Christmas story to them, envolving their children. I went on from there and quickly move to the cross and resurrection, still keeping their attention.

Today I learned that God answers simple prayers when we seek to defend His honour.

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 Re: a little Christmas miracle

Oh praise the Lord! He is in the business of answering prayers - especially when we give Him the glory. :) Praying that the message got through . . .

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