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 Rifqa Bary hearing Monday,

Rifqa Bary hearingMonday,

Please pass this on to others you know will pray. Tomorrow, December 22, a hearing for Rifqa Bary will take place in Ohio to determine her fate: whether she will be returned to her parents' home to face certain "punishment" for abandoning Islam and embracing Christianity, or if she will be allowed to remain a ward of the state for eight more months until she turns 18 years old. If she is sent back home it is almost a given she will be taken back to Sri Lanka, her native home, and dealt with according to Shari'a law.

Tens of thousands of Muslims die each year around the world after abandoning Islam, and especially if they accept the true Jesus as their savior, because Muhammad said many times, as quoted in numerous hadith, "If anyone changes his religion, kill him." Since Muslims are obligated to follow Muhammad and obey his teaching, they have no other choice.

Watch the video of Pastor Jimal Jivangee, pastor of the Ohio church Rifqa attended until she fled to Florida for fear of her life.

 2009/12/22 13:16

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Pacific Ocean

 Re: Rifqa Bary hearing Monday,

Thank you for this reminder to pray for Rifqa...may God grant her strength.

Jeremiah Dusenberry

 2009/12/22 14:28Profile



God's will be done! I hope she stays in Ohio til she is 18.

God Bless her!

 2009/12/22 15:46

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Here is an update on this case:


Sandra Miller

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I'm glad to see more at SI taking notice of our dear young sisters plight right here in the good old U.S.of A!!!

I pray that she will remain strong in her love for JESUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 2009/12/22 18:36

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 Re: Rifqa Bary hearing Monday,

That hearing is taking place today...

 2009/12/22 18:52Profile

 Re: Rifqa Bary hearing Monday,

Rifqa Bary to Remain in Foster Care Until Age 18

Runaway teen convert Rifqa Bary will not be forced to return to her Muslim parents.

An agreement the 17-year-old reached with her parents Tuesday says she will remain in foster care under Ohio state custody until she turns 18 in August. At that time she will be an adult and will be able to decide what she wants to do.

Bary's attorney read a statement in Franklin County Juvenile Court Tuesday, saying Bary and her parents love each other and will attempt to resolve their differences through counseling, the Associated Press reported.

Bary ran away to Florida in July, saying she feared her father would harm or kill her for converting from Islam. Her father has denied the claim, and a Florida law enforcement investigation found no evidence to support the teen's accusations.

In Florida, Bary took refuge with Blake and Beverly Lorenz, pastors of Global Revolution Church, whom she met through a prayer group on Facebook. The pastors are currently under investigation for their role in helping the teen run away.

Attorney John Stemberger, who represented Bary when her case was in Florida, said the settlement was a victory for the teen. "Anytime you get a settlement and get what you want, it's always better than having a trial," he told the Orlando Sentinel. "In terms of what's in Rifqa's best interest, this is in Rifqa's best interest."

 2010/1/20 18:24

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