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Discussion Forum : News and Current Events : Kerry pushes 'GLBT' bumper stickers

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Yes, this forum is set up to generate prayer for men in authority.
Each and every comment and posting should hold this in focus – how can we pray; how can we pray together; what kind of opening do we have here for prayer which pleases God and which will secure an answer along the lines of godliness and serenity.
Lars W.
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Lars Widerberg

 2004/10/7 12:15Profile

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I apologize, brother Lars, I forgot where I was.

- pray that Bush would repent of his syncretistic idolatry and any other sins, and obey God in his capacity as president and throughout his whole life, and that we might serve him in whatever way God desires us to serve him.
- pray that Kerry would repent of his sins (I won't get listing), put his faith in Christ and not trust in Romanism (if he currently is), and obey God in whatever political capcity God puts him in, and in all of his life, and that we might serve him in whatever way God desires us to serve him.
- pray for the rest of the U.S. leaders, and those throughout the world
- pray that the body of Christ not be deceived into thinking (explicitly or implicitly) that politics is some kind of savior to be relied upon to fix the problems facing our societies, and that we rely upon God and God alone, seeking His will and His will alone.

 2004/10/7 12:23Profile

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