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 Re: Thoughts on Simple/House Church Movement

What are your thoughts on the modern day 'house/simple church movement'?

I came across an interesting statement on the Back to Jerusalem website of the Chinese house churches. Speaking of their desire to work with local churches in their missionary movement as far as possible, they state -
Another example would be if some local church strongly desires to build church buildings. This would be incompatible with our vision because we don’t believe the world needs another single church building. They need Jesus, and they need to worship and grow in God’s grace with other believers within their own homes, according to the pattern of the first church in the New Testament (see Acts 5:42, 20:20, Romans 16:5, etc.)

For a work of God to grow quickly it needs to be simple and easily reproducable. I see this as the strength of simple house churches. It is easier to plant another one as there is no need for a "trained minister", building, and so much that the institutional church could not survive without.

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This world is not my home anymore.

 Re: wayneman

by wayneman on 2009/12/18 15:29:19
A pastor acquaintance of mine once preached a sermon on the importance of "commitment," incongruously based on the text, "Let your Yea be Yea, and your Nay, Nay." He said, "If you say you're going to do something, do it!"

Days later, he backed out of something because he didn't feel like doing it.

I said, "So much for keeping commitments!"

He said, "Hey, I don't practice what I preach because I'm not the sort of person I'm preaching to!"

I think he was speaking for all professional churchmen when he said that.


I've read this several times since you wrote it, not knowing really what to say! This is truly sad.

The last church I was a member at (about 3 1/2 yrs ago), I confronted in a very loving manner the pastor with three different lies he had told me and told him I was leaving.

Long story made short; I was complaining to the Lord how he lied to me and then wouldn't admit it! The Lord spoke and said, "So what he lied to you? What about those little 'white' lies that you tell to avoid confrontation?"

Talk about cringing!! The Lord knows how to get to the heart of the matter, does He not?!?! So with His help, I stopped telling those little white lies and faced what ever I needed to face. God is so good like that!

God bless you!

PS: I'm not saying your guilty of this, not at all. I just wanted to share my story of having one of thoses "preachers" as well!


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When the Lord dealt with me about this issue, I was surprised to realize just how much I relied on little white lies to lubricate inter-personal relations, especially at work. I was also surprised to discover how unnecessary it is!


Wayne Kraus

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I was also surprised to discover how unnecessary it is!

So true; so very true! No, it is true!


Sandra Miller

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 Re: Thoughts on Simple/House Church Movement

The house church has less to do with location, and more to do with function. Those who meet in a house church or simple church often want all members to participate. They do not agree with a weekly sermon, while the saints sit mute. If you look at the model of century one, you will see that the saints were like family.

I find that the institutionalism of modern church structure, has fallen way out of line with the church Christ died for. We are his body, many parts.

If you want to find a good house church or let people know where one is, you can post it on [url=]House church directory[/url]

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Totally agree!! House Churches by an far do not want the "one man show". They realize that God is too big for one man. That is why the Lord has a Church. Since the Holy Spirit lives in each member, and is working in each member's life, there might be something very valuable that the Lord wants us to hear from someone that might otherwise just be overlooked in the BIG organization.

Not all meetings are great. You learn as you go to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit and do things "decently and in order". I would rather be a part of something organic where people are honestly trying to hear the Lord and prefer others than have to go to the well oiled show where everything has been practiced, beforehand. The Holy Spirit is spontaneous. But in most organized church meetings the Holy Spirit should be the HOST, but is rarely even the Guest of Honor.

God's family is just that, a family. Not an organization. So, let's look at a family. How do you "run" your family. What are your gatherings like? Do you sit everyone down in straight rows and preach/lecture to them, then pray and say "let's each dinner". Probably, you let everyone sit in their favorite chair, get relaxed, wear something comfortable and then you have a give and take conversation with them allowing all of them to share because all of them are important. and how many times have you learned something from one of the youngest ones?

Some of the younger ones when they are young may interrupt or go off in another direction (due to excitement, zealousness or just plain youthfulness), but then you gently correct them not to be rude or change the subject. Your family grows and matures and everyone begins moving more in concert with each other as they learn from Mom and Dad (the mature ones) how to relate.

The Holy Spirit does this quite well with His children. And the mature Saints are examples and not really correcting everyone all the time. It is in an environment of love and acceptance that people will grow and flourish. It must be organic like a family and be careful about too much "structure". It tends to kill spontaneity and drive the Holy Spirit out.

Organizational churches are very good at dampening a new believer's excitement. They may not intend it that way, but a young baby is not meant to sit down and shutup and be mature all of a sudden. Any of you fathers or mothers out there discourage your babies from being babies or do you just enjoy them and love them?

 2010/9/29 19:40

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God's family is just that, a family. Not an organization.

Good point! Sadly though some "churches" have gone so far in the wrong direction it does not even resemble a family, more of a distant relative.

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And Lysa says:

[b]My question about home churches is[/b] and I don't even mean to be sarcastic because I don't even go to a home church let alone a regular one; but how do home churches, the one's who are so close to Jesus it's scary (grin), how do they take Jesus out of their living rooms to a lost and dying community ON A REGULAR BASIS? How do they care for the widows and orphans?

Well picture this:
You have this IC (Institutional Church) that is located physically in one place. It has 4000 people or 1000 or 25000. The people that go that church come from many different neighborhoods in the city and they bring all their energy, much of their time that they set outside for "spiritual" things and their financial resources to that one central location. Their energy helps populate all of the churches programs and pay for all the good works, and they sit in church on Sunday as spectators for the most part and then when the service is over, they tell each other how good the fellowship was. Their money is brought to the storehouse to pay the hired staff (some people call them hirelings), pave parking lots, pays utilities, etc, etc., and then they go home having done their spirtual "duty" for the week. They may show up again on Wednesday or have a home group on Thursday where they are supposed to go over what the Pastor preached on the previous Sunday. All the time they are spending time with each other involved in some type of church sanctioned program.

Contrast that with home churches that stay in their neighborhoods where they expend their energy to be friendly to their neighbors (they have the time to) have money to help real people out (they have some money left over), and can spend extended time fellowshipping with the Saints and getting to know them intimately (Not spectators but real particpants in each others life). They become acquainted with each others families, including the widows.

When they gather together for a corporate meeting they really believe they are gathering unto the Lord and not to a man. They endeavor to give Jesus Christ the preeminence in their midst by yielding to the Holy Spirit. They don't always succeed but at least they get the chance to keep on trying. Some meetings are great, and some may just fall flat. They are not choreographed or practiced. You cannot choreograph real life and people's hearts. Everyone wants you to participate and enrich the church with what the Lord is doing and speaking in your life. No one wants to hear from the same man every week. Although, at times there is a brother that has a burden to bring a teaching. In a family, that would be like having a father, whose wife and children are dumb and mute and must depend on their husband and father for all their life's needs.

P.S. Jesus does not live in their living rooms, but in their hearts. So, if you are giving Jesus the preeminence in your life then everywhere you go you are alive in Him and He is alive in you and you touch people's lives without having to think about it or program it.

God wants us to be functional, not dysfunctional.

 2010/9/29 23:12

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i belong to a slavic church and our congregation is about 175 members!what i love about the russian style of service is that we have ordinary members preaching on sundays and thorughout the week. it gives a chance for many people to participate in the church and it is a blessing to see especially young =people preaching. Especially when God starts deliviring powerful messages. the russian church system which gives the oportunity for th whole church to get involved, in choir, in preaching in saying a poem or singing a duet at church. thats what church is supposed to be all about with everyone participating instead of just sitting in the pwes listeing to the ordained ministers speaking

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That is very wonderful. All members of the Body of Christ have the Holy Spirit and should be encouraged to step forth and exercise their gifts, just like you would encourage your children to exercise their gifts and talents. A mature father, wants to take the back seat at some point and watch his children become leaders. Leaders in the Word is a paradox - servants.

Thank you for sharing that about your Russian service. I think I would be very comfortable and enjoy your fellowship.

 2010/10/6 1:24

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