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 Re: EU Resolution 1580 (2007) The dangers of creationism in education

Right on Greg. [b]Parliament = Law making body[/b]. A resolution is often used to "test the water", alert stragglers that they could become bothersome opponents, and when the worldly authority is not adequate to back up the resolves with enforceable law.

[u]Legislative hint[/u]: resolutions take the form of a list of WHEREASES followed by BE IT RESOLVED THAT. If you want to get the full impact of intended law, read this document backwards [u]from the last to the first resolution point[/u]. It reads like first they are irritated (threatening) those that have not signed on.

The WHERASES (#1 to #18) should also be read backward for the same reason. [b]#18 Creation is a direct threat to this would-be political structure.[/b]

Their #11 reveals the thorn in their side because it touches on what they hope to use as a means of countries surrendering sovereignty. Recall that Obama intends to do that [indirectly in appearance only] at their winter session. How this resolution exposes their lack of scientific education, the desperation they are experiencing, and their current lack of worldly power.

I sent a copy of this to several leaders in my fellowship because I find so many Christians uninformed about the tottering state of this "theory" that fails the scientific criteria of even an "hypothesis" in the world of science. Many thousands of scientific tests of this hypothesis have failed to confirm it and many give evidence of its falseness.

The "world of science" does not make the association between evolution and creation BUT read how [u]they do[/u]. Why do they bother so? Like, "Why [u]does[/u] communism/socialism have to eradicate Christianity?" [Since Christ, no weapon formed against Him ... and He was in the beginning. What a crushing obstacle He is to His adversaries.]

I take it that posts on sermonindex referencing the mounting hard scientific data against evolution are on other threads.

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