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 Media "entrainment" still going strong

Claims by christians of media bias is nothing new. I know that we have been dealing with this for decades.

This past 2 weeks has been a reminder of how bad it can get.

Law& Order SVU, had a white, right wing talk show guy on trial for inciting something bad. They also named limbaugh, orielly and someone else on the show.

Lie to Me, last night featured white, patriotic types planting bombs to blow up Senators.

NCIS L.A a few weeks ago had a dangerous, right wing, white militia group plotting evil.

NCIS LA this week had a white, bible reading Marine back from Fallujah blowing up all his other buddies cuz without the shedding of blood there is no redemption. Also in this one they even read from Thessalonions about "In flaming fire taking vengence" Course thats all they read and then used that to confirm the "christian marine bomber would finish the suicide bombing job. When they broke into his house he had "big crosses" on his walls. The muslim guy in the episode was of course portrayed as the honorable humble guy.

Then It gets even worse. Right after that episode,
The Good Wife comes on with a white judge in the court room with the big words "In God We Trust" behind him. in each scene with him there,( I could only stomach the first ten minutes) he proceeds to display racial bias against a little teenage black boy by giving an unreasonable sentence for a misdemeanoir. All the while the camera made sure that "In God We Trust" was fully displayed behind him.

The reason I bring this up is cuz it's not really about "oh look their picking on us Christians and conservatives. However what it is doing is harding many, including young teenage people, against Christianity, God, conservatism, etc.

So just as parents have to realize that the secular music/ musicians have the ear and heart of their children. They must also realize that the TV shows influence their minds as well. They/ we must keep these influences in mind when we go to witness to teenagers and wonder where they get some of their ideas about life and morality.

Some of you may respond "well thats the way it is, it was prophesied." So it's just a sign, can't do anything. Well maybe, maybe not. America has been "down in the immorality dumps before"(listen to J. Edwinn Orr on Prayer and reavival in America). Regardless of prophetical fulfilment we must still live and proclaim the great truths of God!

God bless.

 2009/12/15 22:36

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