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Discussion Forum : News and Current Events : Massachusetts 2nd grader suspended over drawing of Jesus

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 Massachusetts 2nd grader suspended over drawing of Jesus

[url=]Taunton Gazette[/url]

I can not even post the comments that come to my mind over this, especially in light of the Kevin Jennings 'issue.'

white stone


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 Re: Massachusetts 2nd grader suspended over drawing of Jesus

This is no surprise to me that one of the most liberal states that embraces homosexuality and abortion would do something like this.



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 Re: Massachusetts 2nd grader suspended over drawing of Jesus

While I certainly don't question that the schools are against Christianity, I don't think that this article is stating that this teacher was anti-Christian but just worried about the boy having violent tendencies. The boy wrote his name above the cross, not Jesus. While it would be great if the 8 year old truly realized the need to find himself there my guess is that the context was not that. So, I would have to extend a bit of mercy toward the school here.

Just my thoughts.

David Benoit

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I have to agree with Dben on this one. They had something of this nature happen before and with the boys name on the cross one would take all the necessary steps to ensure safety for the child and the school. I disagree with the psychological evaluation without the parents consent, I thought that was pretty bold of the school to do that. I just hope the parents are reassuring him that he didn't do anything wrong. If they don't, transferring to another school won't do any good.

 2009/12/15 16:35

 Re: Massachusetts 2nd grader suspended over drawing of Jesus

devil try to intimidate the boy and his parents and Christian community

let us pray for the boy become a bold christian in Lord

 2009/12/15 16:35

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