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I refuse to sit in judgment of any family who tells me they just cant afford to homeschool... but I will say that the vast majority of people who say that to me... are deceived and seduced by worldly possessions.

Well maybe. But I do know what you mean about those who don't have money and still homeschool. I know of a family that is on welfare and she homeschools her children. There was one she couldn't homeschool, he wasn't doing well. So she sent him back to the public school and did well and graduated.

 2009/12/17 11:15

 Re: Wolfpen

One of the predetermined goals written by the socialists in the COMMUNIST MANIFESTO decades ago, was to infiltrate our universities, and commandeer the faculties. Thus , the revolution [ one world mind ] began in seed form, and leavened throughout our land via TEACHERS, the core of our educational system.

The end game was to destroy any reference to God the father, Christian Faith, and the foundations of Family , morality and truth; for these are incompatible with the ANTI-CHRIST tenets of Communism, or to use another word; SOCIALISM.

The end is a pure rebellion, where Secular Humanism has achieved it's goal , elevating man as God, and the beginning and end of his own destiny. It is Satanic, and it is the true reason why free Christianity is outlawed today in every socialist state.

America instituted education for the common child, through our Churches; which was built on the foundations of Bible truth....the bible was studied, read and believed as the most important part of education. It's ironic...and Harvard and Yale [ among others] were Bible colleges, training MINISTERS!

How the mighty have fallen. Now, untold children are swept into immorality as a credible and pleasurable lifestyle, God and HIS fatherhood are dead[ we came from the amoeba ], and there is no right and wrong...we are but thinking animals.

In the end, the Church has failed..that's us. I agree with the spirit of KRISPY'S RE:. To send your child to public schools today is like herding him over to the Wolf Pen.

 2009/12/17 11:40


OK... let me also say that there have been (extremely rare) examples of kids being raised as homeschoolers, and at some point in the High School years they enter the public school (sometimes part time, sometimes full time) and have a huge impact on the public school for Christ.

But that is extremely rare. Most kids can not handle the spiritual attacks. (Most adults can't handle the spiritual attacks inside the American church today... why would we think teenagers can handle the public schools?)

I recommend extreme caution for anyone thinking about doing this.


 2009/12/17 12:39

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