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Temptation is the proposition presented to the mind that you CAN satisfy a good appetite in a forbidden way (Paris Reidhead).

There would be no temptation if you couldn't have or do the thing which is tempting you. The temptation is the ability, not the sense of the word desire.

Jesus was ABLE to satisfy His hunger in a forbidden way.
The temptation was, since He is God, to satisfy His hunger as He was ABLE to turn a stone into bread (Because Satan propositioned Him).
He did not desire/will to sin, but His flesh desires food.
Therefore, He did not desire to turn the stone into bread, but He desired food to satisfy his hunger in the proper time & place.

What may complicate the matter in addition to His hunger is that the stones actually look like loaves of bread, which makes the flesh more compelling.

I am ABLE to satisfy my desire in a forbidden way.
The temptation is to satisfy my lust (craving) as I am ABLE to from having the ABILITY to obtain it (Because it was propositioned to me).
I do not desire/will to sin, but my flesh desires to satisfy its lust or craving.
Therefore, I do not desire the thing lusted, but to satisfy my craving by only taking that which God WILL give me in the proper time & place.

There is a difference between the desire of the flesh and one's will.
One's will involves volition, intent & ability; with out such there is no culpability.

Desires or appetites are not bad or wrong in & of themselves, in fact appetite/desire is good unless it's used wrongly &/or not kept in check.
We all have fleshly desires/appetites; wisdom, sustenance, possessions, pleasure...etc...

Know this, the flesh is amoral; the flesh will take pleasure in anything & in what ever & however it can, good or bad, morally or immorally.
What matters is if one's will is to gain the flesh's good desire in a wrong/bad way; this is what sin is.
Rom 8:3-9, James 1:14-5

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