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Saturday December 12, 2009

Ben, your book is being sent out today.

Miccah, your book is being sent out today.

Brianmira, your book is being sent out today.

Lysa, your book is being sent out today

 2009/12/12 8:05

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Brother, thank you for the blessing!


 2009/12/12 9:26Profile

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Another book is Oswald Chambers book entitled, "If you will ask". Reflections on the power of prayer. A small book of 95 pages.

I would love to have this one if it's not taken yet...I will PM you my address, and if it's taken already, I pray God will bless the one who asked for it first with a greater deeper hunger and prayer life.


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DeepThinker wrote:
Saturday December 12, 2009

Ben, your book is being sent out today.

Miccah, your book is being sent out today.

Brianmira, your book is being sent out today.

Lysa, your book is being sent out today

Thank you kindly, sir! Blessings to you!


 2009/12/12 13:51Profile


I have more books to part with:

A couple of good Reference Books if anyone who is interested in studying. Remember these are free and I WANT to send them to you so don't feel like your abusing my generosity. I've already sent a book overseas so I don't mind doing that.

[b]The Torah:[/b]Hard Cover. VG condition. 393 pages.

[b]The Gospel of the Kingdom. A popular exposition of Matthew by Charles Spurgeon[/b] Good condition, HC, circa 1893. STATUS: TAKEN

[b]D.L. Moody, "The Greatest Evangelist of the Nineteenth Century"[/b] This is a biography, SC, 159 page pocket book, good condition. circa 1959 STATUS: TAKEN

[b]T. Austin Sparks, "Living Water From Deep Wells of Revelation" Vol 2[/b]These are selections from his works. SC, 181 pages. VG condition.

[b]Haralan Popov, "Tortured for his Faith".[/b]good condition, SC, 158 pages.

[b]Howard Carter's Classic, "Spiritual Gifts".[/b]Now here is a book for anyone that is being used in the gifts or is hungering for the gifts. At the time, it took me ages to find this book. I have read and have enjoyed it and I hope you'll give it away after you've read it. 96 pages

[b]D.L. Moody, "The Overcoming Life". [/b]A Moody Classic, SC, 135 page pocket book.

[b]"Bill Drost the Pentecost" A Man with a Destiny.[/b]This is one of those books that tell of the Baptist man who thought the Pentecostals were nuts (and we are), and then finding himself being filled with the holy Ghost and speaking in tongues. Loving story of encouragement. I loved reading this man's story of faith, courage and the power of God. Anyone who has a leaning towards the manifestations of the power of God or just simply hungering after God's Spirit will enjoy this book. 115 pages, soft cover.

[b]"Into His Harvest"[/b]Like the book above, this is another testimony of one man's story from being a sinner to being a saint and thrust into the ministry. This again has Pentecostal leanings. Again, good food for the hungry.

[b]"Upon The Rock", The Sacrifices of a Japanese Nurse for a Young Church.[/b]I have never read this book. From the back it's about a Nurse who built a Church in a community where she had stiff opposition. Good for anyone who is looking into the mission field or has a heart for it. Soft Cover, 158 pages.

 2009/12/12 17:24

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Many thanks Deep Thinker! This is a great idea all around:)


Mike Compton

 2009/12/12 20:44Profile


Someone asked me why I am doing this. My intention is twofold. I want to deplete the books that I have had in boxes for many years that are not doing anything. Some men and women can have a literary collection of books in their library. It seems that I am unable to. It's like wearing a ring, some people can wear it and think nothing of it, I on the other hand cannot. My personality is to boast it. I have been prideful of my collection. There are books that I can't put on SI because they are not Christian based, but their wholesome content will serve another audience. I have several bibles that I will be giving away. Also the Reese Chronological bible, STATUS: TAKEN.

I also have some Scottish sermon books dating back to 1775 which will be my most hardest thing that I will have a hard time parting with. I prided myself having this library and it's that pride that I don't want. There are just somethings that have to go out of our lives and for me this is one of them.

So please you are doing me a great service by sharing these with you. I hope to come to that place where it will be just God, Me and the Bible.

Thank you Friends

 2009/12/13 9:01

 Re: Giving away some books

the Reese Chronological bible

I'm interested in that one!

Please could you say more about it (eg size, print, notes etc)? Thanks.

 2009/12/13 9:42

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If anyone is interested I have an extra copy of
Tortured For Christ by Richard Wurmbrand.
I will also mail it to you for free, just let me know where to.

Adam Moore

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I hope to come to that place where it will be just God, Me and the Bible.


You are doing the right thing. God bless you for your desire to be with him, and him alone.

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