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 Struggling with sin

Recently Father has been showing me some things about my heart and the attitudes I have towards others. I realize I tend to be a very skeptical person(always thinking the worst) even when I am dealing with other people. I tend to think that they are either trying to get something from me or that they have an intention to try and bring harm my way. It would be easy of me in self to come up with a hundred excuses for the attitudes of my heart but in the end I know this is sin on my part. I am not sure if its due to fear, a lack of trust in the Lord, or just a desire not to allow people to get to close, or even a lack of love toward others? Maybe all of that actually? I just know that this attitude is sin, please pray for me to surrender this to the Lord and to walk in His will for me daily. I look to the cross and I see my Lord suffering, I am ashamed and heart broken that my selfish sinful living has caused His pain. I really want to die to self and live for Him only, He is the desire of my heart and I want that to be a reality in every aspect of my life not just pretty words to say.

Thank you and God Bless

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 Re: Struggling with sin


I am not sure if its due to fear, a lack of trust in the Lord, or just a desire not to allow people to get to close, or even a lack of love toward others?

I think our main problem is lack of faith in God. Its faith that takes hold of the promises and applies them to our peculiar situation or condition. If he says, "Fear not for i am with you", its our scepticism that hinders us from believing his word.

I myself feel the lack of love and my own selfishness and emptyness, i just dont give up, i know sooner or later He will come to give me the grace and selfless love i need.


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According to 1 Corinthians 13, love "believes all things... hopes all things." Part of the way I interpret that is that we give everybody a fair shake, and give them the benefit of the doubt, assuming the best. Such an attitude as you are struggling with isn't so much with fear (though it manfifest itself as such), but rather, what you lack is love. Learn from the Father to love others, and arm yourself with the attitude that gives people the benefit of the doubt and assumes the best. People might write you off as naive for such, and such an attitude definitely opens you up for hurt and to be taken advantage of by those who have alternative motives. But love always takes the risk of being hurt.

Many blessings.

*edit* An after thought: What you are struggling with, in part, is an unforgiving spirit. Such is why you feel so defensive and cynical. You are ready to protect yourself from harm, instead of being ready to love somebody else.

Jimmy H

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 Re: Struggling with sin

Hi MaryJane,

I definitely appreciate your openness in sharing this.

The things you are going through are similar to what I've been experiencing. Sometimes lately, I've felt discouraged at the attitudes I've seen manifested in my heart.

Thank God for His Grace. I sure need it :-)

I'll pray for the needs you've mentioned. Can you please pray for me ?

Praise God. He is able to save to the uttermost (Hebrews 7:25)

In Jesus,

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 Re: Struggling with sin

greetings, If the Holy Spirit is speaking to you, Then he is able to deliver you. Conviction is a gift if we respond. God wants to do a work in those who are humbling themselves. 2Chron.7:14 God is a wonderful merciful God and all around us is darkness. We are being turned into light. Just because of others we are a light to them, we have to obey the word in Matt.5: to 7: In ch.5 we have a instruction love your enemies, bless them who persecute,abuse,use you. This is not the time for you to be edified with people patting yourself on the back , They wil say your okay, God loves you God will over look your sin by grace. That's false love. What you need to say to yourself is Lord I want to make a fresh comitmant to you, I can't do it on my own, I messed up and desire more grace, which is sufficient, to do your will. I will get my focus off people on to you, for I am seeking my salvation with fear and trembling. In Rom.12:1-3 we must be renewed in our minds daily by filling up those empty places, so we get our thinking in line with God's. Many are self made and not God made Christians. We must meditate in the word day and night then we shall prosper and have good success. This is warfare but remember you are throwing the enemy out of his territory to possess the land---(Jesus Christ) he must be in the throne of all our lives. In Heb.7:25 is very incouraging. It is a blessing to read all of Hebrews for that was a book written to encourage the saints. also read the book of Psalms slowly try 5 chs. a day. There you were see God speaking to you. In Gal.5:22-23 this is the fruit of the Spirit, note it's not us but the Spirit. we manifest this fruit by faith--He lives through us. Thats why we say God enable me by your Spirit to live for you. For our strength we read Isa.61:1-3 praising the Lord and worship him drives away a spirit of heaviness(depression). In Rom.8:1 there is now therefore no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus. If we want to be blessed of God we have to tare down all idols and gods, which we do or do not know-- by faith. To hang on our cross may be agony but the results will be that God will raise us up. Paul said that I may know him and the power of his resurection. I am filled with joy as I send this message to you because it's Jesus living through me. He has helped me to minister his love and that's how I know the fruit of the Spirit of love is manifesting through me-by faith. He used my hands my mind my heart, I'm saying it was both of us. God bless with Jesus love. My tongue shall speak my thoughts shall think-----Jesus----. amen.


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