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 Re: Romans 10;17

Dear sister Lysa,

Thank you, too, for your candid testimony.

I need to quit for me and I'm not ready to quit." I never felt the unction to get saved again after that and I felt free to party like there was no tomorrow and I did.

Until approx 9 months to a year later, on Easter Sunday 1978, when i went b/c I promised my granny. Note that I had stopped smoking pot that previous weekend (my excuse was to get mind together) b/c I partied way too much.

I was sitting there and He literally spoke to me, "You quit for you." Fear struck my heart and I got all nervous thinking about my friends and my party lifestyle but I had to make up my mind

But when I said something to the effect of, "Alright, I'll get saved but you need to know that ah... if this doesn't work, I'm coming back." And a wonderful peace came over me (That was my sinner's prayer! LOL) but I still remember that He said, "OK!!" and it felt with a great smile, let "yeah try me!"

If we have to be regenerated before God hears us, then He would not have heard my conversation with Him about loving to smoke pot and how I couldn't get saved. Nor would He have had a conversation with me BEFORE I gave my life to Him.

There are similarities betw this and my story also, (as Frank said of things he wanted to do '(sin)'), and yet God seems to break us free of some sins relatively easily, whereas if we sin wilfully [i]after[/i] coming to Him, the bondage has a grip like a vice, the conscience begins to be seared, and getting free seems to take forever.

I'm delighted to hear from others who knew without doubt that God was speaking to them long before they were born again. Amen.

 2009/12/8 14:33

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