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I'LL SHORTEN THIS STORY,,, there was a small harbor town that every year raced sail boats. one year a rich man moved there and wanted to enter the race. So he hire all the best craftsmen to build the very best ship money could buy. Yes, all the best looking extras were added to its appearance. One day the chief craftsmen approached the owner and stated that the construction would be delayed until the right keel weight was installed in the hull of the ship (out of sight). (keel weight balances a ship and keeps it from rolling over, located below deck) The rich man could not see the praise factor of the item, and ordered the construction to to completed. On race day the entire town turned out. On the first turn of the boat,,,, it rolled over and sank!! The bible states that man looks at the outward appearance, but God looks and the inward parts of man (his heart). We all (myself included) need to work on our inward parts, that really matter to God. Peace, love and joy to all--Selah. :-)

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