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 News Footage of Preacher Arrested on Alabama A&M Jesse Morrell

[url=]News Footage of Preacher arrested at Alabama A&M-[/url]

[url=]"Preacher Jesse Morrell Falsely arrested[/url]

interesting snippet of dialogue, Jesse says to the Police officer as he is being led away,
[b]"I do this for a living".[/b]

'I do "this" for a living'.......

"this".....well, lil ole Jesse might have some Biblical go ahead to hang his claim on, as Paul did say you don't muzzle the oxen while its treading out the grain.

sad stuff.

 2009/11/29 22:33

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 Re: News Footage of Preacher Arrested on Alabama A&M Jesse Morrell

Yeah, I was rather turned off by that comment. No doubt, press like this makes him more money. But oh well, he probably just barely makes a living doing this.

Jimmy H

 2009/11/29 22:55Profile

 Re: News Footage of Preacher Arrested on Alabama A&M Jesse Morrell

I may not agree with Jesse's Theology, but he sure did argue well for the 1st amendment.

Go Jesse!

 2009/11/29 22:58


He filed a suit against the University??

As soon as that Police officer said to leave, he should have shut his mouth and left and went before God.

 2009/11/29 23:18

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 Re: News Footage of Preacher Arrested on Alabama A&M Jesse Morrell

Maybe he "makes a living" by getting a settlement after filing a first amendment case against school administrators. He said he had 3 lawsuits so far with one still pending and two already settled.

 2009/11/29 23:35Profile

 Re: Morrell.

by Mahoney on 2009/11/29 18:58:37

"I may not agree with Jesse's Theology, but he sure did argue well for the 1st amendment.

Go Jesse!.......
My sentiments exactly.

You have got to admire the guy. He's dedicated and articulate, and doesn't seem afraid at all. This antagonism against him shows the evolution of secular humanism on campus, compared to a generation ago, when Campus Crusades for Christ, and many other organizations would have joined in...[ except for Morrell's off the wall theology..]

The times are, and it is not in favor of biblical Christianity.

They did not like him at all. We're right behind him....
Matt. 10
"You shall be hated by all."

 2009/11/29 23:52

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Ironically, Jesse Morrell would have been allowed to preach on the University property if he had filed a request. Public universities have "free speech" areas that are designated for such activity. If he wanted to do so, Jesse could have easily obtained permission to do so.

Jesse Morrell has no more of a legal "right" to preach anywhere on a public college campus than a Muslim cleric has a "right" to preach on a public elementary school campus during school, or a Jehovah's Witness inside of the public walls of the US Capitol, or Mormons inside of the local Department of Motor Vehicles. Now, open air preachers like Jesse can certainly do this...but they must abide by the local laws. Most schools belong to "special districts" and can create their own laws and organize their own police department. Preachers can preach upon such property by going through the right procedures or administrative avenues.

Jesse Morrell should know by now that he should do this BEFORE he goes about preaching. He says that the officers should have informed him -- but he already has been arrested several times for this same thing. Unfortunately, I have seen several open air preachers who use these sort of arrests as "publicity stunts." They arrive to a campus unannounced and then commence loudly pronouncing judgment upon the campus (often for behavior). Instead of going to the authorities to find out how, when and where they can preach...they take it upon themselves to do as they wish. They almost boast about being arrested...while also acting like they are a "victim." They become evangelists for "free speech" much more than the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Jesse has a "right" to preach in the United States. However, local jurisdictions often have limits. I can preach in a public, open air park UNLESS there is a guideline that causes some restrictions or conflict of interest (such as if the park is closed at a certain time or if the park is designated for a particular purpose -- like eating or recreation).

The Word of God says that we are to submit to authorities and magistrates. These "authorities" are not just confined to the national government. They include states, counties, cities and special districts. School districts in many states even set tax rates and bonds through referendums. Jesus showed us by example that we are still subject to those earthly requirements. Jesse Morrell simply needs to figure out what is needed of him before he goes about making "his living."

Somehow, I think that he should already know this by now.


 2009/11/30 0:29Profile

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Somehow, I think that he should already know this by now.

With three arrests/lawsuits/settlements behind him, I think he does know what he is doing. He seems to have discovered a publicity "gold mine", and possibly a financial one if an officer uses a little too much force. If he was truly willing to abide by campus rules, he would have learned how go about it by now.

Interesting how he has "armed" himself with audio and video recorders just in case he finally gets beat up and hits the jackpot.

 2009/11/30 0:54Profile

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Hmmm, looks like the perfect Law keeper overlooked Romans 13 and what it says about submitting to authorities.

patrick heaviside

 2009/11/30 3:04Profile


Well Chris makes perfectly sense. I believe it was Tommy Hicks that great revivalist that shook Argentina that went to the President of that country to ask permission to preach the gospel. At first he was refused. But God told him to go back and ask again, after the Presidents wife was healed miraculously of an incurable disease, the doors for the gospel were swung open.

In this city, Churches and open air preachers go to city hall and they get permission to preach in the city square and they get permits for the season. They have to petition each year to renew their permits.

It's not preaching the gospel that has anyone arrested here, it's not going through the proper channels to have the right to be there. For example, we have a bi-law that says that all pan handlers are to avoid King Street, if they are found there, they will be arrested and charged. Now if one goes through the proper procedures and has the right to preach like when Brother Shambach went to the city of Pharr Texas. He got all his documents signed and approved by the Mayor before he came into that town. This was in his early days of ministering. He set up the tent, he was beginning to preach when the Mayor and a Police officer showed up and told him that if he continued with this that he was going to be arrested. Shambach told him that he was here legally, signed by you the Mayor. The Mayor said, "I don't care, I don't agree with this gospel". Shambach responded, "You do what you have to but I am going to do what I am called to do". So he preached and afterward he was arrested. He asked the officer, "Whats the charge"? Preaching the gospel with a loud speaker! Shambach replied, "I'm guilty, I am glad that I am guilty of that charge".

So he went to Jail over night and the next day he was in court and the court fined him for $350. That was big money in those days for a young preacher. Most of the people under that tent that night were Mexicans and all they had were nickels, they paid it. While this was going on, the news-media got a hold of it made the 6 o'clock news. "The preacher who got arrested". Satan should have left well enough alone. Since the tent only had a few to start out with, now it was teeming with people to get in. Well the Police came again after the meeting and arrested him. This time the fine was $1000. And the fine after that was pretty close to $10,000.

To finish up the story. A Baptist lawyer heard about what happened to Shambach who is a Pentecostal and he went down there to see what he could do being successful in these types of cases. The whole thing ended up in the supreme court. And the supreme court said, "if you got a law on your books saying that he can't preach the gospel with a loud speaker, I order you to remove it., furthermore, you are to repay this man all those fines with interest.". He then took that money and built a bible school.

This is persecution by man and retribution by our LORD.

Jesse has a false humility and his motive is wrong Jesse's wrath worketh not the righteousness of God. James 1:20. We have witnessed his anger on this website.

Preachers who think that everyone should be on their knees repenting without getting a clear mandate from God are out on a limb and on their own. God moved on the isle of Lewis in Scotland and people were crying out to God for mercy and there was no preacher there to tell them to repent, God moved. God is the only one that doesn't need permission from governments to throw His weight around, He is the government!

We on the other hand do because we are subject to these elements and ordinances. Therefore let all things be done decently and in order. 1 Corinthians 14:40

 2009/11/30 8:30

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