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Hello all,

I'm JS, and I'm a student leader at my high school's Christian campus ministry. I happened to stumble upon this website, and here I have found an entire library of teaching resources and an armory of spiritual ammunition to use daily! I'm young and don't have much that's meaningful to say, but I am happy to be part of this forum.


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 Re: Hello

Welcome aboard JS. God bless you and enjoy the Armory!

 2009/11/23 22:55

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Jimmy H

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Welcome to the forum, JS!

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 Re: Hello

Hi JS...

Welcome to the forums! I am sure that you will continue to be encouraged and challenged by the great resources available here. You can use the MAIN MENU on the left to access thousands of audio, video and text messages. There are also some highly recommended messages located on the right of your screen.

It is great to hear about the Christian group on your campus! Shortly after I was saved, I started a "Bible Club" on my public high school campus. I had quite a few hurdles to go through -- but it was worth it! Be encouraged that your work is not in vain!

When I graduated from high school and moved on to universities, I remained a part of a few great Christian student organization (Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship, the FCA and the BSM). They were a great way to fellowship with and encourage other believers on campus and work with them to spread the Gospel. In fact, I met my wife in one of those groups. :-)

Again, welcome to the forums! It is always great to hear about students who are standing firm in the faith at a high school.

Keep the faith...and keep it strong!



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 Re: Hello: I'm happy your here.

There are so very few High School Christian ministries today. I really don't know of ANY...only having heard of a few scattered around the Nation.

The opposition must be brutal, with sexual permissiveness,an evolutionary curriculum, and secular humanism being the order of the day.

How you need prayer and encouragement! Please post often, with your ideas and reports. You have a battle ahead of you, and there are many here who have raised teenagers who know what you are up against.

One thing that I'll leave you with. Jesus is our Provider, no matter what. He provides victory, if we will fight to keep our trust in Him.

David was a youngster too. Faith has no age, and out of the mouth of the young, the Lord has ordained wisdom. After having done all; STAND. Jesus will use you as He teaches you what a Godly shepherd is.

Tom Watkins...Brothertom

 2009/11/24 8:30

Joined: 2009/11/23
Posts: 32
Behind a Computer Desk


[b]@ccchhhrrriiisss (or chris)[/b]

The name of my high school's group is First Priority, for Christ himself is our first priority. I volunteer to speak devotionals on Friday mornings before school every few weeks.

[b] @Brothertom [/b]

Indeed, the opposition is brutal. Sometimes, I don't even think my parents understand what I'm up against! I wouldn't blame them, for they have steered clear of the worst when it comes to pop culture- but if they only knew what took place inside those four walls!

Many are they at my school who call themselves Christians, but they live according to their pleasures, not according to Christ. Some have accused me of being legalistic because I tell them God hates sin. I won't apologize for warning them, but I warn them as a sinner saved by grace through faith- not as a Pharisee. That is something I don't think they quite understand.

Then there are some intellectual students who surpass me in IQ but apply popular philosophy and skepticism to the bible. They seem to conjure up their own ideas from within while largely ignoring the words of Jeremiah 17:9. (They teach transcendentalist "follow your heart" philosophy in all the English classes.) :-(

[b]@things above[/b]
Speaking of armories, I heard a song once called "Praise the LORD and Pass the Ammunition." It was an American World War II propaganda song, which I derived both meaning and enjoyment from. :lol:

"Down went the gunner, the bullet was his fate,
Down went the gunner, and then the gunner's mate,
Up jumped the sky pilot, gave the boys a look,
Manned the gun himself as he laid aside the Book,
Singing 'Praise the LORD and pass the ammunition!'"

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