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 "Biblical" Flood in UK

I received this from the conference prayer group.This occurred the day following conference in Loughor Wales. I do not know the geography there. Has anyone heard from local people at the conference? the church?. Did all fly our before it hit?

[b] "Biblical" Floods Biggest Rainfall Ever [/b]

The deluge - reaching 314mm (12.4 inches) in 24 hours - tops the
279.4mm (11in) recorded in Martinstown, Dorset, in July 1955.

Sky News weather presenter Francis Wilson said it was the greatest seen since meteorologists started using instruments to record rainfall
- back in 1727.

Hundreds of people have been rescued across Cumbria, with the Army called in to help.

[url=]Link to report.[/url]

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 Re: "Biblical" Flood in UK

When the highest peak in the world is covered, then it will be a biblical. 8-)

But man that is a lot of rain over there right now, I thought we had it bad.

 2009/11/20 21:49

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In Loughor Wales the wind has never been so strong as it has this week during the conference. Local people have been aware of this.

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 Re: "Biblical" Flood in UK

Hi Joan,

We are all still here. Brian and I and brother Greg and David Ford are leaving early Sunday morning. We drop Brian of at Cardiff airport, please pray that the Lord will bless him with an early flight home. After dropping of Brian we are heading to Heathrow, I fly home and Gre and David Ford will head to the city. Laura is here in Wales till Tuesday. Winds were extreme all week long. We all stayed in a converted barn where the cows used to live. It was buffeted all nigh long, every night, quite an experience. Much Frank

 2009/11/21 7:10

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Are converted barns biblical???

I jest. :-D


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 Re: Safe in contrary winds and barns

Thanks for the news brother Frank and Thank you Father.

Those that obey Jesus, should expect to encounter the contrary winds of the spirit of this age. (As He has led me recently in prayer).

[u]:D IWantAnguish[/u]. I am in favor of converted barns: converted into food banks because, as I hear it, all can forget about tearing them down to build bigger ones.

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