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 The AMP Bible

hello all! havent written in a while but i just had a question about the AMP bible.

I picked up an AMP Bible about 2 weeks ago and started reading it. I really like it for various reasons, my fav verses are pretty much the exact same as in the KJV and it really amplifies stuff which helps not having to go to the greek or hebrew as much for certain words.

So my question is, is it a good translation? or if anyone knows how good/bad it is? i would greatly appreciate any comments. Thank u!


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 Re: The AMP Bible

Personaly, I believe that God is powerful enough to use any version of the bible to bring a person to Him. I however believe that bible versions that are "literal" translations are the ones to use for the "meat" of the Word. The "thought and intent" translation seem, well, watery. If I sit down and compare the KJV, the NASB, and the NIV, I find two agree, and one seems to paint God as a different being than the other two.

As per your question though, there are two men whom I admire in the faith, who both have been known to use the Amplified. Kieth Daniel and A.W. Tozer. There are others, but these two stand out at the moment.

God grant you to grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ our Lord.
Jason Smith

Jason Smith

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