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 Uzbekistan, Students expelled


Students Expelled from University (Uzbekistan)

In July, the Persecution and Prayer Alert reported that students at Karakalpak University in Nukus, Uzbekistan faced expulsion if they continued to associate with “illegal” Christian associations.
Forum 18 reports that the university followed through on those threats in early September, expelling second year student Aliya Sherimbetova and third year student Shirin Artykbayeva from the Nukus branch of Tashkent Medical Institute.

Pray for Aliya and Shirin, as they deal with the difficulties facing them at this time. Pray for other Christian students facing similar challenges and threats.

From the news flow at Intercessors Network

Lars Widerberg

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 Re: Uzbekistan, Students expelled

We do not need faith discussed.
We need faith expressed.
Expressed in prayer for the saints, the ones who we are meant to share Heaven with.
Let us get to work.

Terry Lee

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Items end with "From the news flow of Intercessors Network".
What is it?

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 An introduction...

An introduction to Intercessors Network

Intercessors Network is a set of freely interacting prayer units in 115+ nations, (Spring 2004).
Intercessors Network has marked out and taken on intercession for men in power position, for kings and rulers, as its first priority and sole ground for existence. 1 Tim 2.1-4.
Intercessors Network does not hold any special political colour or position. Yet, caring for the downtrodden becomes a habit as an intercessor. The Network is eagerly praying for holiness to be established through recognition of the lordship of Jesus Christ.

Intercession is ability to react and act. Intercession is ability to react the right way to the right things. Intercession is ability to watchfully wait in the presence of the Lord and act according to his revealed will.
Rapid action in prayer is so often needed at many levels of human experience. Computer technology allows us to work closely together and enhances the possibilities of mobilising much prayer in short time.
E-mail communications provides foundation for solid and immediate prayer back up. E-mail communication allows us to provide precisely defined and focused prayer cover.

Intercessors Network provides an Urgent Prayer Target e-mail list, to be used for instant prayer mobilisation in regards to current issues related to the common goal of the Network.
The major focus of this list is on the prophetic dimension, the cities, the nations, the men in power; the areas of life in your community where any wind of change must begin to blow.

A ”Short Notes”-list is also available. Postings are sent somewhat irregularly and contain 5 - 7 prayer items. It also contains an overview of what is sent to the other lists - you can watch what is going on and order the article you are interested in.

A division within the Network covering Jewish issues is to be accessed and subscribed to by referring to ”On the Walls of Jerusalem”. Issues pertaining to Middle Eastern affairs, Jews in the diaspora and Messianic Jews will be focused under this heading.

Intercessors are indeed welcome to partake in the labour for change.

[email protected]

Lars Widerberg

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