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Discussion Forum : News and Current Events : Asteroid barely misses Earth on Nov. 6th...

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 Asteroid barely misses Earth on Nov. 6th...

[i]I thought that this short article was extremely interesting. The Book of Revelation mentions two -- and possibly, three -- space objects that will collide with the Earth during the outpouring of God's wrath upon the Earth. These are mentioned in Revelation 8:6-10. Of course, it doesn't necessarily mean that "Wormwood" or the other objects that hit the Earth are physical meteors. However, I think that the possibility remains. - Chris[/i]

[b]Asteroid passes just 8,700miles from Earth[/b] [b]- with only 15 hours warning[/b]
UK Daily Mail
11th November 2009

Although no one noticed at the time, the Earth was almost hit by an asteroid last Friday.

The previously undiscovered asteroid came within 8,700miles of Earth but astronomers noticed it only 15 hours before it made its closest approach.

Its orbit brought it 30 times nearer than the Moon, which is 250,000 miles away.

But before you head for the nuclear bunkers you will be relieved to learn the tumbling rock was only 23ft across. Similar sized objects pass by this close to Earth about twice a year and impact on the planet about once every five years.

Astronomers believe the object, called 2009 VA, would have almost completely burned up while entering Earth's atmosphere, causing a brilliant fireball in the sky but no major damage to the surface.

The asteroid was discovered by the Catalina Sky Survey on November 6, 2009. It was then identified by the Minor Planet Centre in Cambridge, Massachusetts as a near Earth object.

Nasa's Near Earth Object Programme plotted the orbit of the object and determined that although it would fly extremely close to our planet it wouldn't hit us.

It was the third-closest known (non-impacting) Earth approach on record for a cataloged asteroid.

The Nasa NEO programme aims to detect and track at least 90 per cent of the 1,000 asteroids and comets that approach Earth and are larger than 0.6miles in diameter, by 2020.

They monitored a 100ft asteroid that whizzed 45,000 miles above the Earth's surface on March 2 this year.

A similar sized object slammed into Tunguska, Siberia in 1908. The impact created a blast so powerful it levelled 1,200 square miles of forest.

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 Re: Asteroid barely misses Earth on Nov. 6th... I am wondering if this meteor had anything to do with our weather in the last few days. We have been getting unusual warm weather in this part of the world. Normally we would be buried in snow by now.

 2009/11/11 11:55

 Re: Asteroid barely misses Earth on Nov. 6th...

Although no one noticed at the time, the Earth was almost hit by an asteroid last Friday.

God is Good! His mercies and protection are evident at all times and in all ways. Thank You Jesus.

 2009/11/11 11:58

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Chris, that is pretty amazing.

God is Good! His mercies and protection are evident at all times and in all ways.

Neil, this is something of what I thought also. Only I thought of how God protects of us even when we do not know it!

...Who upholds all things by the word of His power.

To think of all the things that are going on in the world and out there in space. It is tremendous.

I remember once when I had a car. I was living in Baltimore and had been a Christian for a couple of years, I had gotten in the car and as far as I remember I was going to rush off. I remember putting the car in reverse and hitting the gas but it wouldn't move. It just wouldn't move. I looked back and saw a woman pushing a stroller walk right behind me.

Was it an angel that held the car? Was the parking brake on and I didn't know it? I don't recall that it was. But oh I was so grateful.

Oh that men would give thanks. For He is good, and His mercy endures forever.

Psalm 107:1-43

May God bless you and each of us, always. Amen.

Christopher Joel Dandrow

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