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Discussion Forum : Devotional Thoughts : SI posters called to be of one mind and have no divisons.

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Dear friend, I point no fingers. I have simply made a humble request and included myself since I also am a poster on this thread. Was my post unchristian? I surely hope not. I felt it was honest and true and done with a sincere love and concern for all, including the young and innocent, and so was appropriate in light of the original post. May the Lord bless you.


Leo_Grace wrote:

Koheleth wrote:
I only have one request of all who posted here. Tomorrow, when you are typing out your denunciation of another poster in these forums and condemning him to sure hell because of his rank heresy, and declaring that they cannot be saved because you know they are accursed from Christ, please re-read what you posted in this thread before you submit your latest post. Thank you.

LOL! This would have been a nice post except that now, you're the one pointing fingers with a passion. ;-)

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