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 Go with your gun, just grab your arms and march.

"Many clever men like you have trusted to civilization. Many clever Babylonians, many clever Egyptians, many clever men at the end of Rome. Can you tell me, in a world that is flagrant with the failures of civilization, what then is particularly immortal about yours?" -G. K. Chesterton

Are we truly a part of something more?

Just recently I was hit hard. I began to feel alive, awakened with nothing but questions I thought I had answered long ago. The ideas no longer lived in my head but moved to my heart where they burned with a renewed importance.

The “here and now” has but one level of importance. That is of the things we cannot see, the things we cannot touch or feel, the things we cannot hear or taste. Our concerns are of the spirit. Can we hear the groans of all creation? Do we care?

Do I really love the LORD like I have always claimed? Is my identity secured in HIM or have I just been using HIM? What does it truly mean to love the LORD and what does that truly look like?

Is that what I have been doing?

Oh GOD, does your grace reach to this side of madness?

If we are truly transformed by the LORD then maybe we shouldn't be so worried about things in this world. Maybe we really are different, not plagued by political ideals, condition or circumstance. Could it really be that what it means to be called to a higher purpose in life is just to truly love?

If we don't love each other as Christ loved us what does that make of our love for Christ? Is it real?

What really matters here? Is it money or cars? Is it our nice cozy house with a picket fence? WHAT IS SO IMPORTANT IN YOUR LIFE? What would you turn your back on for the LORD?

Has your stinking TV or your cell phone delivered you from your iniquity? How about your political ideals and your self styled sense of morality? Come on, WHO SAVED YOU? Was it America with all her stripes and stars? Has your doctrine delivered you into the loving kindness of GOD? Even the Church in all her majesty cannot do a thing to deliver. Who has ever thanked the Church for her grace?

We are called to turn our backs on whatever or whoever quells our love for the LORD, whether it be country, job, object or even family. If Christ were your first love then you were married to HIM long before you were your husband, wife, career or political party. Our desire as Christians is to have no desire but HIM.

Oh GOD, we must be love, oh LORD sweet LORD, make us love!


 2009/11/9 13:20Profile

 Re: Go with your gun, just grab your arms and march.

Good word, well spoke indeed. May God bless you richly. neil

 2009/11/9 13:42

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