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 Why is heresy (J. Morrell) permitted on this message board?

I say this in love and in gentleness, but this is an honest question. Why is Jesse Morrell (truefaithsav) who is known to promote serious, historically recognized heresies (such as Pelagianism), allowed to post on this message board and promote such false doctrines continually?

Do the moderators not know that it is him, and this happens to be something overlooked?

Or is it the practice of this ministry to permit doctrines of devils to influence people through the use of the means on this forum?

These are honest questions, not attacks, but I'm just grieved to see thread after thread promoting Pelagianusm and MGT.

 2009/11/6 13:59

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 Re: Why is heresy (J. Morrell) permitted on this message board?


I get Jesse Morrell's emails and I have never detected that he taught this doctrine of Pelagianism. I checked its definition but I never noticed this in any of his articles, unless I did not read them all and that is where it is. Would you mind posting a link to a piece that he wrote exposing this doctrine?


Sandra Miller

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 Re: Why is heresy (J. Morrell) permitted on this message board?

Can you explain what these heresies are?

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You can read why Jesse Morrell is a heretic on the blog post below. It is factual.

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 Re: Why is heresy (J. Morrell) permitted on this message board?

To be fair to the moderators, truefaithsav had previously kept a relatively low profile and only recently started posting his false doctrines prolifically. A few of those threads were locked, and the moderator has warned him to desist based on the content of those posts (Pelagianism), but I'm not sure if they are aware of his true identity.

How are you so sure that truefaithsav is Jesse Morrell?

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Thank you true witness for the link.

Agree, that this teaching is heresy. There are many other "Campus Preachers" that have heretical views. Some of them have been discussed here.

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 Re: No sin in Adam, no Adam nature in us...!!!???

Pelagianism: human beings have the power to save themselves.

A monk named Pelagius, entering Rome in the 4th century, was appalled at the immorality in and out of the Church. He began a crusade of sorts; a personal reformation of morals.

His theology was tweeked by his mission, and he taught that Adam was just a BAD EXAMPLE, ans JESUS was a good one. Pelagianism, is a doctrine that is DIRECTIONAL; We choose our compass point; to do and be good, or do and be bad. All infants are neutral; their eternal situation is determined by the direction that they choose.

There is no original sin; we are all born as just natural people, and either inherit sin, or good morals by the choices we make.

This doctrine has been condemned as heresy by every ancient counsel there ever was. Charles Finney promoted it to the hilt, and others in a semi-agitated manner, like Wesley. Therefore, it can be an aberration; not pure heresy, depending upon the level of the poison. Many, many people were saved under men like Wesley and Finney. Some accuse Calvinism also, of at least the odor of it.

But, in my opinion, the fellow in question is definitely out to lunch. I heard him speak some. He believes in the natural man in us all, and in no way that original sin ever was. This is heresy.

"[b]Original sin, and the dreadful consequences of our fall in Adam is in which the doctrine of the New Birth is ENTIRELY founded![/b]"

George Whitfield; JOURNALS...07-09-1739

 2009/11/6 15:34

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Some accuse Calvinism also, of at least the odor of it.

Hello Brother Tom

I believe you meant to say Arminianism.


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 Re: Why is heresy (J. Morrell) permitted on this message board?

I don't know whether or not "truefaithsav" is truly Jesse Morrell. He used to go by a different name here.

I think that it would be wise to remember that the SermonIndex ministry, Greg and the moderators do not necessarily endorse ANY of the posts made by individuals on this website. The thoughts and views that are posted within the forum are just that -- [u]out[/u] thoughts and [u]our[/u] views. There are plenty of individuals here who do not see "eye to eye" on many different "doctrinal" issues. I haven't agreed with Jesse Morrell in the past on certain things, but I never thought that he embraced open-ended "Pelagianism." Then again, I have never asked him either.

Of course, I haven't read every post in every thread contained within these forums over the last six years. However, over this same time, I have seen plenty of doctrinal disagreement. I have also noticed that many people are very quick to point the finger of "heresy" at someone else without taking the steps necessary to seek clarity.

Someone once accused me of being a "Calvinist" here. Of course, they were using their own personal definition of what a "Calvinist" might be (which, after all, varies from person to person). After they spoke with me privately, they became exceedingly aware that I was definitely NOT a Calvinist (at least, by the extent of their own definition). Perhaps much of the heretical finger pointing might be squashed if we were able to sit with one another, share our testimonies, and explain the extent of our views a little more clearly.

Of course, I really don't know Jesse Morrell or the extent of his doctrinal views. I don't even know if "truefaithsav" is actually Jesse Morrell either. I also believe that we should stand for truth...and remain opposed to what we see as a true heresy. However, I can't help but wonder if we have made every attempt to verify or clarify the ultimate extent of those views.

Like the notion that "The Pilgrim" expressed, I've seen plenty of open air preachers who teach heresy. More often, however, I have noticed that their message is no longer simple because it teaches a "salvation" that appears contingent upon the hearers embracing the open air preacher's personal doctrinal views. In the "secular" college campus that I attended, there was a visiting "open air preacher" who presented a message that was so complicated and dogmatically specific that it almost made it seem impossible for a "normal" sinner to ever truly be saved. Consequently, no one accepted his "invitation" for prayer even after a week of "trying."

Regardless, I am not particularly "influenced" by ANYONE's doctrinal views as presented here on SermonIndex. I am fully aware that everyone here is just as "human" as I am...and just as confined to live on this side of Eternity (complete with the flaws) as we still "see through a glass, darkly" (I Corinthians 13:12).

*EDIT - My post is not meant to be seen as any endorsement of "Pelagianism," "moral government theology" or any other real (or imaginary) heresy either. I just think that we often exert too much energy into dissecting doctrines into complex ideas and then somehow miss the simplicity of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


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 To my brother Leo and other brethern

How are you so sure that truefaithsav is Jesse Morrell?

well, some of the benefits of being raised as an intelligence analyst at a very young age. Its quite simple: truefaithsav posted this:

Adam brought sin into the world by his own free will, and spiritual death comes by sin. Adam became dead in sin (morally depraved and separated from God) just as God said he would, the very day that he ate from the tree. Though Adam physically died many years later, on account of being removed from the garden that had the tree of life, Adam morally and spiritually died the same day he sinned against God.

from the thread:
[url=]click here[/url]

put that in its whole into google, and you get this:

[url=]"What does dead in sin mean?" by Jesse Morrell[/url]

Its kind of sad really, because I remember in 2002 when I was young young young in the Lord, so was Jesse, and his zeal was so heartening, even to the point where we exchanged a few emails, because the Lord laid on my heart a "tent meeting" right in the heart of "New Age Central", Topanga, Cal, and I suggested that he prayerfully consider being one of the speakers. This was long before the terrible tragedy of what him and some of these men with darkened hearts are doing, the reproach they bring to the Ministry of Messiah, the reconciliation of sinners to God thru the Last Pascal Lamb, our Wonderful Jesus.

nothing came of it, Praise God in protecting from such, as I was young, but "truefaithsav" is either Jesse Morrell or a stalking horse/follower of his. It would just noble of him to have the courage to stand behind his albeit apostate convictions, to at least post his name. In other words, be a man about it Jesse.

I agree with the poster of that systematic refutation of Pelgianism, I pray that Jesse turn from such confusion, error and sheep stalking, his zeal could be of great benefit to the Lord.

in Jesus' Grace, neil

 2009/11/6 17:16

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