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 Referendum Election Today An Urgent Call to Pray for Marriage

Referendum Election Today
An Urgent Call to Pray for Marriage

Tomorrow the states of Maine and Washington will be voting on issues pertaining to marriage. When Americans have had the opportunity to vote in twenty-nine (29) states, marriage between a man and woman has been upheld. The only states that have changed this definition have done so through state legislators and the judicial process, overriding the voice of the people.

Mobilizing Christians to Pray

I recently traveled a thousand miles in twenty-six (26) hours and preached four times in Maine. I sensed a strong presence of the Lord and His desire to mobilize Christians to pray for the restraining of principalities and powers that are fueling this false ideology.

Shift an Ideology

On my final night in Maine, I was suddenly struck with the reality that God can shift the belief system of an individual who then through his influence can shift an ideology in the masses. This happened with the dramatic transformation of Saul of Tarsus in Acts Chapter 9, when God shattered his mind-set with a spiritual encounter. After being blinded with radiant light, the Lord directed a man named Ananias to meet Saul on the street called Straight. Ananias prayed for Saul and “immediately there fell from his eyes something like scales and he received his sight at once.” Saul went from persecuting the Church to becoming an apostle of the very thing he sought to destroy. What an incredible ideological shift.

Coverted into the Love of Christ

While reading this passage I was gripped with the words, "a street called Straight." Faith came into my heart that God wants to radically encounter homosexual and ideological activists that are raging against Christ and His ways and lead them to a street called STRAIGHT. Many are going to be converted and will proclaim the truth and love of Jesus to their own communities.

Esther's Prayer

Voters in Maine and Washington State could also be brought to a street called Straight in their voting. In one night, through the prayers of the saints God could break in all across these states with dreams, sudden impressions and uncanny signs that could suddenly shift their voting intentions. Esther’s fast gave the King of Persia a sleepless night from which the whole Persian public policy turned towards righteousness. Therefore, we are calling people across America to pray and fast for these next twenty-four (24) hours, and even through the night, because this is not just a political battle, it is a spiritual battle as well.

Join Our Voices

Let us join our voices together and ask God to break in with light and truth, shifting the hearts of men and women with the revelation of Jesus.

Let us pray from this moment until 8 PM EST November 3rd.

Lou Engle
The Call website, .

 2009/11/3 14:05

 Re: Referendum Election Today An Urgent Call to Pray for Marriage

Praise GOD !

Maine voters reject gay-marriage law !!!!

bad news for Washington
Referendum 71 got approved.

 2009/11/4 14:26

Joined: 2009/6/14
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Amen! Praise God for this victory over sin!

 2009/11/4 16:05Profile

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