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You will know them by their fruit. The Primitive shepherds ordained by the apostles were never saddled with the restrictions that those "In Ministry" today demand. Read Timothy and Titus. Faithfulness and character, combined with a life proving their servanthood, love, and MATURITY were the only standards; NOT A DEGREE, or anything else that would propel them ABOVE the body....and they worked for a living, not sucking off of the church.

Amen. I myself have a degree in Biblical studies, and spent some additional time studying at the graduate level. But in spite of this, I've never once used by degree to try and open doors for ministry for me. Even when my name has appeared on the Sunday school ballot at church, I've never would assert my having a degree as having anything to do with my teaching. In fact, most of the newer members of our church probably do not even know that I have a biblical degree.

I learned a lot of good things in Bible college, and some things I had to unlearn as well. There are also a lot of things that I've learned which I did not learn in Bible college, which God Himself had to teach me in the school of the Spirit.

Jimmy H

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