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"Thanks Jmooney."

You're welcome brother. :-)


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Hi hmmhmm...


hmmhmm wrote:
myself have a mobile phone with windows mobile, and i use pocket e-sword, i find it very good, you have all good resources in your pocket, strongs, tsk, dictionarys other concordances etc etc, 30 different versions, multiple languages, of the bible,and if you have some skills you can pretty much make any document into a e-nook and read it on your phone, great for text sermons and so on. i find it great. Its also free, there are other apps out there but you would have to pay.

Its great when for example when you are on the buss and maybe meditating on something and wondering about a word, you can just get your phone and a few clicks away you have a huge resource that otherwise would take a smaller suitcase filled with books :-D

I have a Windows Mobile phone too. As a result, I am able to use it as a phone AND a digital Bible with Pocket e-Sword.

Pocket e-Sword is actually [url=]available for free[/url]. You don't have to have the internet in order to download it either. You can download the program into your computer, hook up your phone to your computer and then upload Pocket e-Sword into your phone. In fact, I can also upload plenty of sermons from SermonIndex too. If you already have a cell phone plan, you might look into one of these sort of Windows Mobile phones. Some of these Windows Mobile phones are quite inexpensive now (even cheaper than a digital Bible).

My phone has a touch screen AND a stylus...and it works for me by effectively "killing two birds with one stone."



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I'm not crazy about e-sword. The free resources are nice, but they charge for a lot of their publishings too, so it's not all free. Maybe it comes down to personal preference. Definitely take adavantage of the free resources I guess. If you have a micro SD card, you can really get as many of these programs as you want, as they require very little memory. Then you can rotate between them utilizing them to your unique preferences.

All in all, I must say we are most blessed and privileged to have so many study resources available to us. Some parts of the word have no Bibles, others are happy to receive just a page of one. May we steward these blessings faithfully.

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