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Discussion Forum : News and Current Events : Arabic script appears mysteriously on boy’s skin

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 Arabic script appears mysteriously on boy’s skin

[b]Arabic script appears mysteriously on boy’s skin[/b]

Degestan, October 19 -- Despite the advances medicine has made, there are still plenty of unusual conditions that appear mysterious, perplexing medical experts and defying all logic.
Ali Yakubov, a nine-month-old baby boy from Russia left doctors stupefied after the word Allah allegedly showed up on his chin when he was only a few weeks old.

Since then, verses from the Koran have emerged consistently on the infant’s back, arms, legs and stomach, before apparently fading away and being replaced with new ones.

Ali was born in an ordinary family with no major inclination towards religion. His parents initially concealed the fact about the strange writings but when a phrase “Show these signs to people” appeared the news spread all around the province of Dagestan. ...

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 2009/10/28 15:36Profile

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 Re: Arabic script appears mysteriously on boy’s skin

Awful, sounds like he's being troubled by a demon spirit. It reminds me of the stigmatas that Catholics get worked up over.

Satan is quite busy, apparently he is well aware he hasn't much time left.

Even so, come Lord Jesus.


 2009/10/28 17:26Profile

 Re: Arabic script appears mysteriously on boy’s skin

That's arabic script? Doesnt look like it to me, or if it, it sure isnt coherent.

I wonder if they sell sharpies, or magic makers in dagestan, seems like the lad's parent want some attention: read [b]offerings[/b].

ah, religion, God have mercy on us all.

 2009/10/28 18:28

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