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 bread and circuses

Animal slaughter for the World Cup?

Zolani Mkiva, chairman of the Makhonya Royal Trust, a grouping responsible for co-ordinating cultural activities, said the tournament, the first to be held in Africa, needed to be blessed in true "African style."

"We believe that from the start we've got to do things in accordance with our own traditions," Mkiva said.

Why not have the winners eat the losers???

This is just evil!


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 Re: bread and circuses

Why not have the winners eat the losers???

Dear White_Stone,

I feel that what you said above is unbecoming and an unfair insult. Please be reminded that these people are not yet Christians, and their pagan rituals, although misguided, deal only with the killing of mere animals. These cannot to be compared in any way with cannibalism, which is a sin against humans and against God.

After ritual slaughter, these animals will be eaten in a feast. How different is this from American slaughter of cattle to be sold in the market as beef?

As Christians, we should be fountains of love for the people, not for animals.

In Christ,

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 Re: Just pickin' my teeth after a good win, and a barbecue!

In all fairness, the "African tradition" in a sporting event or get together is the slaughter of a sacrifice to the demons, to keep them happy and the gods appeased. As in Hindi India now, as in Pagan Rome in Paul's day, animal sacrifices were a part of your day. Paul advised the Christian not to partake for the conscience of the unbeliever, conceding that it was just meat indeed.

I have been in India at a celebration when they paraded the goats up front, slit their throats, and had a big barbecue for all. I lost my appetite.

The part about the winners of the World Cup eating the losers was just funny; that's all. I'm sure white stone wasn't literal, but there has been a cannibal or two found in Africa. It was humor....come on.

"Why not have the winners eat the losers?"....Good one, white-stone. I think it would make for a more intense game, you think?

 2009/10/25 14:59

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