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Thanks for clarifying.

"My remark was towards the fact that its unbiblical to say that God doesnt do things the same."

For one thing, Yodi didn't say that. She said that each moving of the Holy Spirit is unique, and can't be copied [i]exactly[/i]. There may be similarities, but it's not exactly the same.

In a technical sense it may be wrong to say that God [i]never[/i] does things the same. Or that God always does a totally new thing every time He does something.

But it depends on what you mean by [i]same[/i]. If you mean "exactly the same," then I don't think it's wrong. God never does things (in relation to mankind in time) "exactly the same."

There may be similarities, but it can never be exactly the same. Every time it's unique because factors are different. If nothing else, the time has changed.

It seems that life, at least in time, is constatnly in flux. Not even one detail of life on earth is exactly the same from one moment to the next, for it is now a moment older.

"there are characteristics and signs of genuine revival in through all scripture."

Even if this were true and we could ascertain from Scripture some characteristics and signs of genuine revival (which I question), Scripture doesn't decalre that a revival is not genuine if it lacks the same characteristics and signs (as far as I've seen).

Because, as it's been evidenced recently on this site, "revival" is a very controversial term and it seems there is no (Scriptural) example for what a "Church-Age Revival" would look like. But even if there was an example, and we discovered and analyzed some characteristics of it, that would not proove that a later revival was not genuine because it didn't have the same ones. All it would prove is that there were differences in the expressions of revival.

Like I don't think there's any weight behind a statement like "a revival is not genuine unless there's deep repentence (first)." Even if every example of revival we have from the past had this characteristic, that's not conclusive evidence that it must be present in the next revival.

"If we dont base our experience of the filling of the Holy Ghost on Scripture then what do we base it on?"

Why would we consider ourselves so wise as to make boundaries in experience where God doesn't? If our experience directly contradicts Scripture that's one thing. But if there are just differences, that's another.

"what is to say we arent being filled with another spirit etc."

I think the more important question to ask is who do we think we are to limit God where He hasn't limited Himself?

With all the Scriptural warnings against deception including false teachings, deceiving spirits, false miracles, and false messiah's, is there even one warning to be careful about things like false manifestations? I haven't found one.

I guess we have to trust God.

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