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 The glorious Bride of Christ

I read the one brothers response to the question " what is right with the church". There is a lot of good things within the church. The church is the only organization on the face of the earth that preaches the gospel of Jesus Christ. Which is the only message of true hope there is on the entire planet earth!!!!!The church is the only agency of hope,where you and I can go and get prayer and counseling for free.The church is the only group of people who will be raptured off this planet soon. The church is light and salt in most of our communities.The church is the only place I can go and Worship the only true and living God,and His Son Jesus Christ.The church is the only group of people in America with the right answer for this country. I could go on and on ,about all the good I have seen in the church. I have learned more about God in the local church than I have anywhere else.The church is the blood redeemed body of Christ in the earth.Start praying for your local pastors and churches,and watch what GOD will do!!!!!!!!Faith,and praise, and prayer will move God to bless you and your local church.Bellyaching and griping will lead you into dry desert seasons. Jesus Christ still loves His Bride with an unending LOVE. I know, I have been part of that Bride for 23 years. I have never seen Him forsake His church or Me for that matter. He is still the good shepard who lovingly takes care of His sheep.(the church) enough said for now , love brother neil


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 Re: The glorious Bride of Christ

amen brother, thats what we need to hear

John Beechy

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