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Discussion Forum : Scriptures and Doctrine : Jonah & Isaiah unfulfilled prophecies

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 Jonah & Isaiah unfulfilled prophecies

Apart from the view that the future can change, how can we as Christians explain Jonah's prophecy that Nineveh would be overthrown in 40 days, or Isaiah's prophecy that Hezekiah would die and not live? These prophecies were stated as certainties, yet they did not come to pass. How can this be understood in Christian theology unless we take for granted that the future is open or subject to change? I think the fact that God did not do what He said He would do to Nineveh is proof that the future can be altered or changed by God, and the same goes for God adding fifteen years to Hezekiah's life. The future doesn't seem to be an eternal fixity or certainty, it can be changed. The future is being settled progressively. God is making decisions and determinations successively or sequentially. The future doesn't seem to be something which is eternally settled in God's mind, but is sequentially being determined by God's will and man's will.

 2009/10/22 0:45

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 Re: Jonah & Isaiah unfulfilled prophecies

Who says they were prophecies?

 2009/10/22 3:18Profile

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