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"Pilgrim and Sojourner." - 1 Peter 2:11


I was DEEPLY convicted, disturbed, and dealt with by the Holy Spirit.

Praise God brothers and sisters wonderful testimonies. Oh how God is showing us His word more clearer through these precious saints who preached.

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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I was convicted of unthankfullness in an area. And given many new things/ways to pray. Really enjoyed meeting you Judah, and excited about what God will do in/with/for you going forward.

Merle Weaver

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 Re: Seeing the Spirit minister the Truth of His Word

I entered into the conference from the live web-cast. The Spirit knows no barriers.

Using the words of the thread [i]In the Heavenly Places[/i]: "The working of the hidden spiritual forces..." captures what I saw, experienced, and know more of, through the ministry of the Holy Spirit, at the conference. Rather unusual how simply the flesh is stilled, the focus of the mind sharpened, comfort and encouragement and.....and....the needful things...received. Very moved in my spirit by His Word, I am actually aware of being equipped and that the Holy Spirit ministered.

[u]Practical[/u]: A friend finding freedom “from a painful memory” after agreeing with God (Gothard and others), Being hungry for even more prayer, two men who pray in my fellowship are set to begin meeting with Pastor purely for prayer (Greening) on Thursdays. I anticipate much more. :-)

Amen Merle,[u]such equipping ministry on prayer from [b]many[/b] messages[/u]. Like 2 Thes 3:1 – the Word run rapidly. Strange as it may seem Bill McLeod's last message was very [u]comforting[/u], encouraging in a gentle way. At times the weight of prayer for revival along with local concerns of God seems so much I wonder how long I can continue. [u]I know now I can continue until I see Him face-to-face or swim in the “streets” of Revival.[/u]

[u]If I make a record of sharply focused words[/u] it will include: ”I am a spirit, in a body, with a soul” as that works with “Putting the intellect (one aspect of the soul) under the authority of the Word of God.” and “It is the spirit that discerns/reveals God's will/word.” When I shared this with my brother, whose death of self involved his intellect (deep into the pride of it), he said “Precisely.” [u]What a death to legalism[/u]. And the clear articulation of the difference between repentance and confession of sins: it's easy to see we have had a generation of the SECOND things put FIRST, with years of difficulty before the First thing is grasped/grasps people. Oh and thank you God:[u] “If God cannot work in us, how can He work through us?”[/u]: the end of seeking man's ways to growth in the Body (both numbers and psychology for individual growth). With that Truth, we have only prayer and His Word. These are clear words for speaking.

And who knows, perhaps there will be 10 who will take a journey such as Bill Gothard described coming into one-accord prayer for revival. Those that have been humbled and are stayed right there, seeking Him and “the Word running rapidly”(Roberts).

[u]Judah81[/u]: I have reason to believe God drew others for a freedom like you report for your friend Ryan. Praying for Ryan's most needful discipling.

My confidence is increased that this work of God is “preparing the way” for a specific revival (or the Bride for the rapture), drawing us through the steps in 2 Chronicles. May God grant it in the earthly lifetime of our dearly loved old saints.

In case it is helpful in a practical way, I previously posted [url=][b]RECONCILIATION GUIDELINES[/b][/url]

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 Update on mark

I have met each day with Mark(see earlier post) since the conference came to a close. He requested water baptism so I will be baptizing him soon. I had an opportunity to share with his sister and friend and pray for them. I see the whole family coming to Christ. Mark has a writing gift and was unable to write since he came to the Lord. We prayed on Sunday and his hand was loosed and he wrote a good Christ centered poem. Soli Deo Gloria!

 2009/10/19 20:19

 Re: Update on mark

Here are some notes from the conference:

Wesley Duewel:
[i]"Prevailing in prayer requires faithfulness to a Holy-Spirit given burden!"

"Oh that the fire of God would fall on our churches!"

"Do you know what it is to carry prayer burdens?"

"May God teach us to prevail in prayer until revival comes."[/i]

Richard Owen Roberts:
"We have lost the manifest presence of Christ in the church."

"There isn't a lot of obedience to Christ taking place. Don't think about Christ's commands, obey them!"

"You can't have serious interest in prayer when you are consumed with yourself."

"Christ only dwells in the heart of the broken and contrite."

"All sin is against God."

"Pride is
-The beginning of sin
-A blasphemous sin, a person that is proud elevates himself above God.
-Tragically, a binding sin
-A bizarre sin
-A barrier setter (walls are erected)
-A blinding sin
-A boding sin (an inner sense that something bad is about to happen)
-A backsliding sin
-A breeder sin, it breeds other sins. Most people have only repented of the fruits of sin, they've never repented of the root sins.
-Their besetting sin"[/i]

Bill McCleod:
[i]"Truth is given to compel us heavenward"

"We must learn to die to self and accepts God's will all our life."

"Joseph had to die to favoritism. He had to die to marriage, the love of family, customs, nationality, his past life work..."

"The problem isn't with God or others, it is with me."

"What you have, give it to God. Let it all be God's stuff and use it for His glory.

Am I His?"

"Let God have it all."

"By the grace of God, whatever He's saying to you, do it."

"If God's river is full, why is your's empty?"

"Importunate: shameless asking that will not be denied."

"He'll use you if you're useable - if you're humble."

"There is never an excuse to say 'no' to God - say YES!"[/i]

Sean Morris:
"God's glory is a product of obedience."

"Seek God for revival in the practical ways showed in Scripture."

"Is it your life to keep God's Word?" [/i]


And [url=]here[/url] is a testimony from the conference that I shared with the revival prayer group.

Thank you to all who have shared on this thread. It has been a blessing reading all that God did at this conference. All praise be to His Name!


 2009/10/25 15:56

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