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 Tues oct 13th / 17 year old Rifqa Bary next hearing please pray

 2009/10/12 19:39

 Re: Tues oct 13th / 17 year old Rifqa Bary next hearing please pray

This is a good blog as well.

 2009/10/12 22:32


Today is the next hearing concerning christian daughter and muslim parents. Please pray and be aware of this story.

 2009/10/13 9:33


In addition to the live revival conference from Indiana there is another live conference.

Rifqa Bary is in the courtroom right now!

Please pray for wisdom on behalf of the judges and counsel.

 2009/10/13 14:53

 Re: Tues oct 13th / 17 year old Rifqa Bary next hearing please pray

Rifqa Bary's Update for October 13th 2009: Please Pray

Divining Moment

Many of you have already heard of Rifqa Bary, the 17 year old young lady, who's life has been threatened by her Muslim father because she has confessed Christ. Because of the death threats she fled and sought refuge in a Christian home in Florida. Tomorrow her court case will be heard again determining whether or not she will be extradited back to Ohio where her parents live. Rifqa is a precious and passionate lover of Jesus who is boldly proclaiming Christ. She is depending on her Christian family nationwide to fight in prayer for her life and for her testimony. If she is sent home a likely scenario would be that her Muslim family would return with her to their native country, Sri Lanka. It is there that there would be no restraints as to what could be done with her life.

Let Us Pray

Tomorrow, would you fast and pray for our little sister? Pray that the Gospel through her life and this present situation would explode all over the nation through the media. Pray that many Muslims would come to Christ. Pray that the spirit behind her parents radical lawyer would be restrained. Pray for the favor of Jesus to be over her. Rifqa could be like Esther and her case a flashpoint to expose darkness and release light and truth. Let us be a Mordecai to her.

Consumed by the Call,

Lou Engle
President, The Call, Inc.
Contact |[email protected] | TheCall

 2009/10/13 17:05


Court has ordered her back to ohio.

Perhaps there will be another court hearing there for wether she has to go back to her family.

If she does have to go back to family maybe no harm will come to her since all the attention has been made.

Also she may also be able to emancipate herself.

Regardless, all things work towards the good to those who love him and are called to His purpose.
I would ask for continued prayer for rifqa that she would not lose heart or hope and that she would grow stronger in her faith and love for Jesus!!!

 2009/10/13 17:31


ABC world news is coming on right now and they are going to report on Rifqa's case.

 2009/10/13 18:31


This is from Robert Spencers

US court capitulates to Sharia, sending apostate Rifqa Bary back to father who threatened to kill her
Marisol has already posted about this, but I just got in from speaking in Los Angeles and found out about it, and so here are a few additional remarks. This is an outrage with numerous ominous implications. A terrible day for religious freedom in the U.S., and a capitulation to Sharia and the stealth jihad that will come back to haunt us.

"Religious Runaway To Be Sent To Ohio Foster Home," from, October 13 (thanks to Jeffrey Imm):

ORLANDO, Fla. -- A teenager who said she fled to Orlando from her Ohio home to escape religious persecution will be sent to a foster home in Ohio, a judge ruled on Tuesday.

That is only temporary. After 30 days, if I understand correctly, she will be sent home. Will she be killed then? Almost certainly not. The likely possibility is that once the media attention subsides, she will be returned to Sri Lanka, where she will be killed or institutionalized.

Rifqa Bary, 17, made national headlines when she fled from her parents' home because she claimed they planned to kill her for converting to Christianity. Bary posted a video on YouTube calling her parents radical.

A Florida Department of Law Enforcement investigated Rifqa Bary's claims and found no evidence she would be a victim of an honor killing if she were returned home. There was also no evidence of assault or abuse.

What would constitute such evidence? Do they even know what to look for? Why was CAIR present when the FDLE spoke to Rifqa's parents?

A Florida judge on Tuesday said Rifqa will be returned to Ohio once her parents meet two conditions. First, the Barys must [show] they are in the U.S. legally. The judge said he asked the couple for their immigration papers three months ago and has only seen a partial VISA and an incomplete passport. The judge said a contempt of court charge is a possibility if he doesn't get the paperwork.

Second, the Barys must prove that the teenager can continue the virtual high school program she began in Florida while in Ohio.

Bary's parents have filed a criminal complaint against the Central Florida pastors who assisted their daughter.

A very, very sad day for free people.

 2009/10/13 22:17

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You know once you become a Christian and know the truth. Or even just know common sense. Then you talk or witness to unbelievers and you see some of the wild and ignorant ideologies they have. Even the so called leaders and educated. It seems they are pre school in much of their thought. Then to think that these sames people are often put in power as a judge! A judge who with one word after short consideration can make long term substantial judgments on your life. It is just insane. This is one of the wildest things and it is made very evident in court cases. Such a fickle and troubling thing to stand before such a person in such a position.

It seems that there is not a lot of clarity to me of what is happening. I mean wasn't there evidence of abuse by witnesses, is her testimony invalid, is there grounds to sue the Pastors, cant she emancipate, if she is almost 18 why not just wait it out, would the parents sue if they knew they were not citizens, and were the fathers threats real or just to scare and will they now because of publicity back of from doing anything to lift up Islam, ect.

I will pray for this young sister since she may need grace and who knows how grown she is in the faith. That would indeed be crazy if she were sent to Sri Lanka. In light of all this it could very well be a good time of testimony. I am also surprised that the US would be so lax on Islam after all the political pressure against it's fundamental form.

 2009/10/13 22:52Profile


Rifqa Bary's parents in U.S. illegally; her father committed perjury on visa applications
Pamela Geller has uncovered some explosive information about Mohamed Bary, the father of the most famous convert from Islam to Christianity, Rifqa Bary -- who fled from her father's home after she says he threatened to kill her for her apostasy. It seems that the Barys are in the U.S. illegally, and that Mohamed Bary has sworn to contradictory statements on his visa applications -- in other words, he has clearly committed perjury.

The family could therefore be deported, with Rifqa -- which would leave her at the mercy of the Islamic community in Sri Lanka, many of whom no doubt believe devoutly in the Islamic death penalty for apostasy that Rifqa's detractors in the U.S. are so avid to deny. Rifqa, however, could apply for asylum. And certainly she could make a strong case that her life would be in danger if she returned to Sri Lanka.
Read the details over at Atlas Shrugs here and here.

 2009/10/16 14:02

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