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 Gay Rights Rally right now on C Span!!

Right now on C-Span I am watching the Gay rights Rally at the Nations Capital.
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Very enlightning please pray!

 2009/10/11 14:56

 Re: Gay Rights Rally right now on C Span!!

Well I have been watching this off and on for the past couple of hours.

Lot's of speeches. A few themes that keep coming up is a call to all at the rally to go back to their districts and get to work forming groups and keep running for office and be involved in the process. Why?

They say to have equality and not be labeled as secondclass citizens. To not be afraid each day of hate speech and hatecrimes against them. To boldy go wher.....oh sorry wrong theme.

Anyhow, what is happening here as well as from a few diffrent venues is to make it illegal to speak or preach against anyones lifestyle or religion. It will be a "Federal" Hate crime to do so.

This will only be enforced against christians.

Oh sure there may be the token enforcement against a few others but for the most part those who speak against these imorale acts and religions will be the target.

Now, if they have their way then this is how it will be. Unless we continue to stand in the gap through prayer and through action. The action would be varied. Voting, preaching, witnessing, handing out simple flyers explaining the issues etc. etc.

well, we shall see.

 2009/10/11 17:15

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