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 Sermon from Pastor Steven l. Anderson, "Why I hate Barack Obama"

"Shewbread" offered from "pastor" Steven L. Anderson [url=]"Why I Hate Barack Obama"[/url]

I have no words for this. I thank God I was born a Hebrew. I thank God I was raised as a child in the synagogue. I thank God the Holy Ghost for revealing Jesus Messiah to me, and in me. I thank God that He had the Love to ingraft the Gentiles into the lifegiving Sap of Jesus and Yahweh, [b]and[/b] I thank God He has revealed the true heart conditionof the american "church".

I have so much more to say, but my words would be intemperate, all I desire to speak is what my Father tells me to speak.

 2009/10/10 10:23

 Re: Sermon from Pastor Steven l. Anderson, "Why I hate Barack Obama"

Why are you even posting this puppet??

This guy does not represent the American christian church.

Natan you can post but I probably will not respond cuz my words may be intemperate as well.

 2009/10/10 10:29

 Re: Sermon from Pastor Steven l. Anderson, "Why I hate Barack Obama"

Can you tell us what part of this media file the quote is taken from, so we can conveniently scroll to it? Thank you

 2009/10/10 10:39

 Why am I posting this?

Because its part of a dark and murderous spirit afoot, that is indeed ROOTED in elements of the North American "evangelical" church, and sometimes, yes, it even displays itself on this very forum. You know I speak the truth, I wont bring forward past posts, or names, but it is true.

God help this nation should anything happen to this president, it will literally tear this nation in two, for years, if not forever.

There is so much hatred afoot, so much devouring, discord, divisiness, and I dont only speak of how a segment of the population views President Obama, because President Bush got much the same from the far left, I'm speaking of just a small slice of life, as this forum, eviscerating and casting scorn upon the daughter of a deceased worship leader, thats just one of many instances on this very forum, where WE all seem pharisees.

The world is watching, and we will be called to task.

and finally in reference to my "intemperate" words.....they would be directed to no one person, I really believe that the church in North America, has gone off the rails on a number of issues and Godly post what you may, if you desire. I offer my cheek...if you need it.


 2009/10/10 10:47

 Most certainly DeepThinker

Can you tell us what part of this media file the quote is taken from, so we can conveniently scroll to it? Thank you

[url=]Faithful Word Baptist Church[/url]

the audio sermon page:

[url=]Audio Sermons from Steven[/url]

I hope that satisfies you, and indeed, you are welcome.

 2009/10/10 10:52

 Re: Most certainly DeepThinker

Neil, I will quote that great theologion, Kronk...."Riiiiggghhhtt" (snicker).

I'm outta here on this one.

 2009/10/10 11:06


Neil, I will quote that great theologion, Kronk...."Riiiiggghhhtt" (snicker).


okay. I'm glad I brought a snicker to your day.

 2009/10/10 11:23

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Greetings Neil

I think Krispy posted a news article about this man awhile ago? Not sure I could be mistaken, however if it is the same man I posted then and stated that he is not truly saved because you can not profess to love the Lord and hate your fellow man. Jesus said to love your enemies so you can not profess to hate and think that your walk with God is on stable ground unless you are deceived. I believe this man is very deceived to be saying and behaving as he is. I pray for him and for those that he might lead down a path of destruction.

I understand how this would grieve the heart of any true christian but Neil if I may in love caution you please do not allow this persons ate filled speak to cause you to lump everyone together... Those who are truly living for Jesus and bought with the blood do not follow this kind of thinking, they know that hate is sin and do not condone. The "religious church system" of some in this country is messed up and lost, I agree but Jesus true bride is preparing herself and making ready for the return of her King. Those that are walking daily seeking to live for Him do not want harm brought to Mr. Obama in any way. Instead they pray for him as they are called to by our Lord and King. You are right there does seem almost a kind of meanness that is spreading across the world at a rate that I have never noticed before. Even simple civility is missing where once it was common, what this means I don't know(end times or not) but it does cause me to want to seek Jesus all the more.

I have shared with you before that I do not really follow or involve myself in government affairs(personal conviction) but that I do pray for Mr. Obama, honestly probably more then I did for Mr. Bush because I have noticed such hatred as the above mentioned man on both sides of those who follow political parties. I have seen and heard people rip apart people like Sara Palin as well and think nothing of it. In some ways it is almost frightening to me to see such hate as acceptable behavior from anyone.

I guess my final thought is that we need to be in prayer, we need to be seeking God and walking out daily what His will is for us to be about His Kingdom. Lets pray for those who are lost and deceived, that they would see their sin and their need of Jesus.

God Bless

 2009/10/10 11:31Profile

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Amen, MaryJane!

Hatred scares me because not only is it sin, it will also blind people, make folks do irrational things. I do not care if the hatred is directed towards Obama, Bush or Palin - it is all sin.

I think I have better things to do then watch this video or whatever it is.


Sandra Miller

 2009/10/10 18:45Profile

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