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This world is not my home anymore.

 Nothing to do with revival...sorry

[url=]Nobel Peace Prize to US President Obama[/url]

( The Nobel Prize Committee in Oslo has selected Barack Obama, rookie president of the United States, as its Peace Prize winner for 2009.

this is just an FYI, not a catalyst for negative thanks


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 Re: Nothing to do with revival...sorry he escalates the war.


 2009/10/9 8:00

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What war?

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We have a section on for current news items to be posted and discussed in light of scripture. But I do ask that sermonindex discussions be centered around the scriptures, revival and the audio sermons.

This is not a place to discuss everything but it is a place to discuss the most important issues of life ie scriptures.

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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God spoke through the Prophet Jeremiah in warning many centuries ago 'Peace, Peace! they say, though there is no peace.'

President Obama receives 'Peace Prize' while he promotes the war on the unborn.


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Greg, this is the second thread to which you admonished us to heed the protocol of the forum. I wouldn't leave it up to us to stop continuing these 'hot button' threads. To me, you are sending mixed signals in presenting the rules and protocol directed to the premise of the thread, but then not lock it.

 2009/10/9 10:05

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President Obama receives 'Peace Prize' while he promotes the war on the unborn.

This is true, and very sad. It just shows you how far the world has degenerated.

It is important that we not get "hung up" on these topics though. There is enough ammunition in the daily headlines to wallpaper these forum walls from here to eternity. We must vie to get our eyes off the earth and instead point them toward heaven. This is not to downsize the horror of abortion or the evil we see ruling in high places, for we know the whole world lieth in wickedness. We know that perilous times will come in the end...and this should be enough. Nothing at all should take us by surprise; nothing on Fox News or CNBC or Yahoo! should move us in the way the citizens of earth are moved. We are of another race, the sons and daughters of light, and in the light we should seek to dwell.

Far too often I see that an inordinate fascination with the headlines or current events leads me away from the light and puts me in a different place where not the spirit, but the flesh dominates. My emotions and intellect suddenly rise up and I find myself more in the spirit of conservative talk-radio Rush Limbaugh and Michael Savage than Jesus Christ. The shift is very, very subtle, because many of the values run parallel and yet the spirits behind both are as different as night and day.

We need to discern these things and prevent them from monopolizing the forum. I'm not saying the original poster had this intention; but we do need to be careful that the kingdom of the world does not subvert the Kingdom of God on SermonIndex.

Brother Paul

Paul Frederick West

 2009/10/9 15:48Profile


Amen brother!!!

Behold the Lamb of God that taketh away the sins of the world!!!

 2009/10/9 16:25

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