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Discussion Forum : Scriptures and Doctrine : A couple questions about leading a person to Christ? how to? what will it look like ect?

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 A couple questions about leading a person to Christ? how to? what will it look like ect?

I have a couple questions about leading someone to Christ.

I know that there is a way that is preached against a lot. Namely, to say just let Jesus in your heart. It is true that this is not descriptive enough, but if they truly let Jesus in their heart they would be saved and repent so it is not totally false. Or, to say if you pray a simple prayer with all your heart you will be saved. This is not descriptive enough, but it is true that if they do really do this they will be saved and changed. So, though some do teach that you just have to on a whim let Jesus in your heart in a lil way and pray a lil prayer and are false. Yet, there are those saying you have to let Jesus in your heart and pray in a serious way. In Ephesians Paul does speak of having Christ in your heart and having it spiritually enlightened. Yet, I think there still is some missing. That being an emphasis on a more drastic seeking until reality in power is received. I am still working these thoughts out.

Anyways, um.. here are a couple of my questions.

1.How do you lead a person to Christ? Do you emphasize their need to turn from sin? Their need to believe on Christ? Their need to experience God? Do you tell them to seek after God in prayer until they know? Or what?

2.What will salvation look like once received? More specifically some say they got saved and born again, but don't know when. They say there was not certain moment. I find it hard to believe because when one receives salvation they pass from death to life, the power of Satan to God, sins to the life of Christ, death to resurrection, natural to spiritual, ect. So, how can one have such a great and lofty thing occur and yet not know it happened? Can a child be born and not know it? (When I was saved it was drastic and revelationally powerful)

Lastly, is on the state of being well after salvation. The Scriptures state that if we practice sin that we cannot be saved. Now here are some questions. I hear some Christians say they backslid for a year or more. Or I hear of many remaining in much sin after salvation as they are carnal and weak ect.

3.How long can a Christian practice sin and with what level of sins since some sins are worse then others?

4.How long after salvation can one not see much fruit? Especially if they are put in a situation with false teaching ect? (I was discipled immediately with holiness teaching but what of those in more liberal Churches)

p.s. In the Scriptures where Paul is speaking to the Church about their salvation he remarks of their strong repentance and their many tears ect. There is a Church that teaches if you do not have strong weeping you cannot be really repentant and broken.

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