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 Poll: Brits forgetting Ten Commandments


LONDON – According to a new British poll, the country is quickly forgetting the Ten Commandments.

Only three of the laws – passed to Moses on tablets of stone in Old Testament times – made any showing in the poll, commissioned for an event called "Just10 South London." Less than half of the population remembered the admonitions not to steal, murder or commit adultery, but it appears that commandments such as "don't take the Lord's name in vain" are fast becoming a distant memory.

Only 9 percent of those polled recalled the commandment not to lie. Worst remembered of all the commandments was "keep the Sabbath day holy," which was correctly identified by only 4 percent of those polled.

There were varying results for age and regional differences. Among 15-24 year-olds, only 11 percent remembered to "honor thy father and mother," while in the 65-plus age group, the figure was 20 percent.

One region had 15 percent of respondents remembering the commandment they shouldn't lie, while another resulted in 32 percent of those polled knowing the charge not to "covet." Some 20 percent of Londoners recalled the charge to respect their parents, while 53 percent of those interviewed in the Britain's West Country remembered the admonition not to steal.

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