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 Amazing Grace

By definition "grace" is Gods unmerited favor, and it is also described as His devine influence. To fully understand grace ,we have to study the old and new testaments. Under the old testament we gentile believers could not be counted as part of Gods kingdom. Gods kingdom was only for the Jewish people. Under the new testament it is for who so ever will come to Christ. Because of the law we diserve hell. Every person since Adam has been born a sinner . We have all sinned and came short of the glory of God . There is none rightous, no not one. Grace is God giving you an A on your report card when you deserve an F. Grace is God taking a heart of stone and caressing it with His pure Agape love ,until it breaks, and He the master potter takes that cold lifeless heart and breaths into it eternal life. I heard a foreign preacher say on tv the other day about America. We in America are always crying out for justice.He exclaimed that He did not want justice, He wanted GRACE. We need more grace in our churches in America. I am not against my own country. I love this nation and pray for our leaders often.We need more grace and compassion in our churches and homes. If more christians would extend the grace that Christ died for, to others. We would see spiritual explosions in our churches.More people we get delivered and saved.I can honestly say that I do not deserve the grace of God. If I got what I deserved , God would have to send me to hell. I thank God that He loved me so much ,that He sent the very best heaven had to offer.I thank God that our Lord Jesus Christ agreed with the fathers plan and came to earth.I thank God that Jesus took upon Himself the form of a servant,and taught us how we should love one another.I thank God that Jesus bore my sins at calvary , and washed them away in His precious blood.I thank the Lord most of all for the gift of eternal life. I thank God that Jesus arose from the dead.I am reminded of a old hymn that goes something like this"because He lives I can face tomorrow,because He lives all fear is gone, And know he holds my future, and life is worth the living just because He lives". His grace is amazing. That He could take the murderer Saul and touch him, And transform him into the apostle Paul amazes me. It amazes me that God could fit Himself into His own SON . His grace knows no bounds. God is Love, and His mercy endures forever. His grace is truly sufficent.


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