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 Re: don't get either

hi, the heart of man is desparately wicked...grace begins when the Holy Spirit kneads the heart of man from stone to flesh so it can receive the word with gladness and respond in a positive manner...grace continues as you hear that still small voice in your heart prompting you to come to the altar of God to die to your self and the yielding of the rule of your life to Christ...repentance... you have not chosen me I have chosen we have heard from God and believed and responded... faith toward God. all provided by what Jesus did at the cross.if you can possibly boast in any phase it is not of God. jimp

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roaringlamb wrote:
In swedish we do not have this word

Thanks for sharing that brother, I had no idea about that.

Is Swedish anything like German? If so, you could always check out Luther's translation of the New Testament.

no it is not like German but i do have many of spurgeons old books, translated in the 1800 to Swedish, found them for like a dollar in a second hand bookstore, worth their value in gold to me :-D but i find the Swedish language has changed much since then, even more then English have from old kjv English, but back then they had more words that have fallen out of use in todays tongue. So that helps some

but i am grateful for the english i know, it have helped me understand what goes lost in translation in Swedish, even tho i know some in English goes lost as well from Greek, but good with Swedish we still have the thees and thous, ye etc in modern language, so we know if God speaks to a person as moses or the people of Israel, you modern English bibles is impossible to tell who God is speaking to sometimes. But also i guess that is why we have so few calvinists brethren in sweden due to the word grace is not to be found ;-) but what goes missing in translation i am more then certain is possible to grasp by the spirit.


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There seems to be much less debate when the meaning of the word grace is being discussed.

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A few years ago I heard a three part teaching in my church on GRACE. It open my eyes to what grace really is and is not. Grace is not mercy or just forgiveness, although it involves those. The common definition is 'God's unmerited favor', but it is much more than this and there are Scriptures like James 4:6 where its says God gives grace to the humble, but resists the proud. So here it appears to be merited, at least by our attitude of humility toward God.

The definition given at the end of the teaching I still think is the best I have heard and it goes like this:

"Grace is God's enabling power and presence to enable us to be all He wants us to be and to do all all He wants us to do"

In other words Grace is something that enables us or gives us what what we need to be right and walk right with God. Now this was based on a three part teaching, which I don't have, but if you do a study on Grace you could find out!


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 Re: saved by...

Heydave, I have almost the same thing as you! I took this from a Zac Poonen sermon (links below).

by ceedub on 2009/10/5 15:15:38
What does the word 'grace' actually mean and actually imply?

The bible says we're saved by it.
What does that mean exactly?

the definition of God's unmerited favor is a wrong definition, it's not found any where in the Bible because everybody gets God's unmerited favor. Look at all the unbelievers in the world today who are enjoying health and many of God's blessings, they don't merit it; it God's favor which they are getting unmerited and undeserved but that's not grace, far from it, no unbeliever receives grace.

Grace is God's power and resources all made available to us according to what our need is. Our first need is forgiveness of sins Eph 1.7 - [i]In Him we have redemption through His blood, the [b]forgiveness of sins, according to the riches of His grace[/b][/i]

But those riches of grace goes way beyond forgiveness of sins; that's just the beginning. When we move on from forgiveness of sins we find we have this other problem in our life of our constantly being defeated by the sinful nature that we've inherited from Adam.

And that's our number 2 problem. Our number 1 problem is the guilt of our past life which is taken care of by the blood of Jesus Christ. And we have forgiveness of sins according to the riches of HIS grace!

This is [b]ALL[/b] taken from Zac Poonen's sermons from his website (I could not find these on SI).

[url=][i]New Covenant Privileges: 1 Grace and law[/i]

[/url][url=][i]New Covenant Privileges: 2 Pleasing God[/i]

[/url][url=][i]New Covenant Privileges: 3 The fullness of the Spirit[/i][/url]


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EPH 2:8/9...

Bible Knowledge Commentary
Ephesians: Harold W. Hoehner, AB, THM, THD, PHD, (Director of Doctor of Theology Studies, chairman and professor of NT literature and exegesis, Dallas Theological Seminary)
offered this exegesis:

These verses explain "the incomparable riches of His grace" (v. 7), expanding the parenthetical statement in verse 5, It is by grace you have been saved, and adding that the means of this salvation is, through faith. Hence, the basis is grace and the means is faith alone. (cf. Rom. 3:22, 25; Galatians 2:16; 1 Peter 1:5). Faith is not a "work." It does not merit salvation; it is only the means by which one accepts God's free salvation.

Paul elaborated, And this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God. Much debate has centered around the demonstrative pronoun "this" (touto). Though some think it refers back to grace and others to faith, neither of these suggestions is really valid because the demonstrative pronoun is nueter, whereas "grace" and "faith" are feminine. Also, to refer back to either of these words specifically seems to be redundant. Rather, the nueter touto, as is common, refers to the preceding phrase or clause. (In Ephesians 1:15 and 3:1, touto, "this", refers back to the preceding section.) Thus it refers back to the concept of salvation (2: 4-8a), whose basis is grace and means is faith. This salvation does not have its source in man (it is "not from yourselves"), but rather, its source is God's grace for "it is the gift of God."

Verse 9 reinforces this by showing that the means is not by works since its basis is grace (Rom. 3:20, 28; 4:1-5; 11:6; Gal. 2:16; 2Tim 1:9; Titus 3:5), and its means is faith (Rom 4:5). Therefore, since no person can bring salvation to himself by his own efforts, no one can boast (cf. Rom. 3:27; 1Cor. 1:29). Their boasting can only be in the Lord (1Cor. 1:31).

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