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 can we judge false prophets?

If we call a man a false prophet we are judging him. If we call a man a deceiver or that what he is showing us we think it isn't true we are judging. Matt. 7:1 tells us not to judge. v.2 tells us we will be judged if we judge. but there is help here when understanding what is really being shown us. v.15 shows us that a false person has to be judged in order to recognise whether we should follow them or not. it goes on to say we will know them by their fruits. They should be manifesting a ggod Spirit which reflects Jesus and obeys his word. In Jn.7:24 We have ,judge righteous judgement. We can do that. The definition for that is (by divine law) that means we use the word of God for our standard. we need God's wisdom for that as we could be wrong and thereby place ourselves in a position of judgement. Here is a wonderful example of Jesus judging a situation. Jn.7:23 The Jews were making sure a man was circumcised so he would not break Moses law. They were still doing work on the sabbath. But Jesus saw the righteous deed in it. He then points out that he has made a man completely well. That to them was working on the sabbath. The law was meant to work in people a righteousness of God. Jesus discerned their wrong and turned it around to instruct them in the good that can be done which is more important than legalism of doing the law. We must be more ready to respond to that which presents itself for judgement in a righteous manner. We should pray for our enemies Matt. 5:44 and at the same time 2Jn.1:10 avoid those who oppose truth and doctrine.


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 Re: can we judge false prophets?

Judge not lest you be judged.

This is probably the favorite verse of the lukewarm false converted church.

Our reply should be... Twist not scripture lest you be like Satan.

The context of 'judge not' is to the pharisees who use their good works to elevate themselves in the view of society, rather than pointing out the sin in the lives of unbelievers in order to save their souls.


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 Re: can we judge false prophets?

Calling a man a false prophet is the least of his problems. Under the law, they didn't just call such men false, they stoned him.

Jimmy H

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I think rejection kinda goes with the job of prophet, that is why there are so few of them. They are kinda like artists, only really appreciated after they are dead......Frank

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 Re: can we judge false prophets?

Hi brodav9...

I think that it is much more important to judge the "prophecy," "word," or "utterance" of the man rather than judge the man himself.

We are commanded to "test everything." This certainly applies to those "words" uttered by men who claim to be (or hope to be seen as) a "prophet." In fact, the "spirits of the prophets are subject to the prophets" (I Corinthians 14:32). Earlier in the epistle, Paul explains that "...[i]he that is spiritual judgeth all things[/i]" but "[i]he himself is judged of no man[/i]" (I Corinthians 2:15). Thus, we can judge the supposed "word" with integrity without fearing repercussion.

I have heard so many people utter false words that are presented as if they came from God. Often, when you point these out, the person (or "prophet") who spoke the "word" takes it quite personally. There was a rather vocal "prophet" who was quick to utter "words from God" within a congregation that I fellowshipped with during college. When his often loose "words" were rejected, he treated people as if they were rejecting God Himself. He even accused one man of "rejecting the Holy Spirit."

I do think that believers should be quick to "test" and slow to "judge" the heart. I have known individuals who really thought that they were speaking for God. I disagreed with their "word," but I think that they were filled with sincerity. Of course, it doesn't excuse the ease by which they uttered the things that they did. I suppose that somewhere in their spiritual growth, they mistook a "hunch" or their own intellect with a voice (or "word") from God. I have even heard people who used to spread all of their dreams as if they were vital instruction from God. Lol -- I even sat in a room with two would-be prophets who both claimed "dreams" and subsequent "words" from God about the coming of the Lord. One man "saw" believers being raptured before the tribulation and one "saw" believers living through the tribulation. The funny thing was that both of them were pointing the finger of heresy at one another. When I was asked, I just told them that I would pray about and "test" everything they said. This didn't make either one of them very happy.

So, yes, I think that we can judge the "words" of any person who claims to have something from God. Why? They are men who, like all of us, are still confined on this fallible side of Eternity.



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hi, God has shown me that a man who prophesies falsely is not a false prophet; a man who prophesies with false motives and really does not hear from God is. isaiah told hezekiah that he was going to die in a certain time and hez. cried out to God and God literally moved heaven and earth and intervened thus making is.propesy null and void. look after false profits and judge all words.jimp

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The word of God says that if a prophet prophesys falsly that makes him a false prophet, do not be afraid of him.
Isaiah prophisied to Hezekiah, then Hezekiah prayed and God heard him and brought Isaiah to give him God's verdict, giving Hezekiah 15 more years to live. Isaiah gave both messages one of finality, the other of mercy. I don't see a problem there.
I know of so many false prophets who prophesy falsly and they have excuses to why their words didnt come true, thats because they're not privy to God's doings from the beginning.


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Our reply should be... Twist not scripture lest you be like Satan.

LOL! Very well said.

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Our reply should be... Twist not scripture lest you be like Satan.

Yes, this saying comes from Paul Washer. I used it the other day on someone who was trying to argue this very thing with me... and he said "the Bible says we not to ever judge another man..."

I said "Twist not scripture lest you be like Satan."

And this believer actually said to me "[b]I know that verse is somewhere in scripture[/b]... but I'm not twisting scripture!"

You can't have an intelligent debate with a believer about theology if they are truly that ignorant of scripture... lol.


 2009/10/5 7:07

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 Re: can we judge false prophets?

If we didn't judge false prophets, then we would have to listen to Jehovah Witnesses, Mormons and all the other cults and characters out there.

In Matthew 24, Jesus warns us to beware of deceivers and false prophets.

What else is a false prophet but a deceiver?

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