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Joined: 2006/6/15
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 God gave me a dream...

Just woke up from about 4 hours of sleep...

But God showed me a very frightful dream.

I found myself surrounded by loud noise and frantic bustle, people running around to amuse themselves to death. People were walking around like zombies, faces painted and half dead. All of my 'christian' friends were running from amusement to amusement, paying with their lives. It was a carnival of death. A Ferris wheel that on which people were stuck, and it sapped away their lives.

A close friend of mine took his life and deposited it into a machine that took it and dispensed a little trinket.

My friends, America is in a carnival of death. Let us go forth anointed with the power of the Holy Spirit.


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 Re: God gave me a dream...

Yup, remove all the entertainment toys and folks would go crazy: they would not know what to do with their time. Then you will need a new gov program in teaching folks how to be creative with what they have. Now this would create more jobs....and they will cheerfully dock us taxpayers..

The devil has anesthetized folks into slumber and they ain't got a clue they are dead - yes, dead men walking. It sure is hard to resurrect dead folks. I'll bet it is much easier to resurrect physically dead folks then spiritually dead ones.

Think I will get to work...


Sandra Miller

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This world is not my home anymore.

 Re: God gave me a dream...

My pastor when I first was converted always said, "It's easier to find six people to carry you to your grave than it is to find six who will pray through for you."

Ok, that's two posts! What I read in Anguish's post and yours ginnyrose has the same theme, I read Christians in anguish's post and spiritual dead in yours ginny.

I felt this with his post and now here is yours, so I will post this. I humbly submit that America is NOT the carnival of death but the church (not the capital C Church - that's the remnant!) is the carnival of death and we must go forth to our bros and sisters to set them free by the power of the Spirit so they can go forth and set others free.

That's my one cent worth...
God bless,


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Joined: 2006/6/19
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"Still Bored in a Culture of Entertainment" is a pretty good book on this topic.

With care in Christ...

Taylor Otwell

 2009/10/3 9:49Profile


I am compelled to agree with Lysa's interpretation of the dream.

She chose the word "Remnant" to be the true Church, yet, I am convinced that even those that are the "remnant" they too are suffering on this Ferris wheel of death. I am sure that many know what they are doing, but they are trapped and don't know how to get off. Condemnation keeps them from actually repenting. Believers invest their lives into what they believe to be the truth, only to come to find out that their lives have been sucked from them by error. People are opting out of suffering by choosing the easy way out. These are true souls, they are afraid, and any one of us could easily fill their shoes if it wasn't for the love that we have for the truth that stays our course. People make decisions, and all the information they are given sounds like the truth, and it even feels like the truth, and they put their lives in the coin slot hoping they'd get what they'd paid for, realizing that they've been duped, they are now trapped in a cycle which never goes anywhere but in circles.

They walk around like zombies, half dead, but trapped. Christ came into a world in His day to save such souls that were bound, half dead, trapped. The "Loud Noise and Frantic Bustle" are false preachers with all the gimmicks to lure people into their arenas and stadiums.

We speak much about saving the world, getting the message out while within we are sick ourselves. When one member of the body is sick, the whole body is sick. I have never been one to be concerned too much about the world, I have never witnessed to a sinner because my interest is not there. I know that sounds awful, but the truth of the matter is that my heart is towards those that are damaged in the Church, to these my attention is towards. The bible says that we should strengthen that which remains.

I am currently sick, laying in bed, typing sideways. I am in bed because that is the best place to be in order to get well again. We take all types of medicines, and such to ease our journey from this state to being fit. I can't just jump out of bed and do some jogging or go to the grocery store whenever I feel like it, I am sick. My body can't handle that type of stress, I will feel dizzy and I'll only want to stay in bed till the sickness passes.

The same is true for the Church. It will take the power of God to get them off that cycle of death and into the warm hearts of those that love them enough to care for their souls by feeding them the milk of His word that they may grow thereby.

 2009/10/3 10:16

Joined: 2006/6/15
Posts: 343


Aye, when I speak of America I mean the 60-70% of America that claims to be 'born again.'

I believe the Spirit of God is brooding over this nation. College campuses across America are beginning to awaken.

Let us pray through to God for a great awakening.

Let us pray from the heart of barren women. Give us souls or we'll die!


 2009/10/3 10:53Profile


I believe the Spirit of God is brooding over this nation.

Amen, for where iniquity doth abound, Grace much more abounds.

 2009/10/3 11:27

Joined: 2007/3/21
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 Re: God gave me a dream...

The world in this age seems more and more to me like a carnival at night. You see all the pretty lights as you walk by. You here all of the giddy sounds of glee. You smell the unhealthy foods that appeals so strongly to your sence of smell. Its almost as if you can hear the carnival singing, "...come and play with me Jimmy, come and play with me. And I will take you on a trip far across the see." Those who are familiar with HR Puff N Stuff will remember that phrase. You will also remember that the carnival boat which was so pretty and neat looking turned into a dark evil boat that was actually controlled by a witch. The character Jimmy almost died. Many who are addicted to entertainment who need to have their souls titillated will likewise be in danger of losing their lives. Amusement means the lack of thinking deeply upon a matter and if there was any hour of history that we as christians should be thinking deeply and clearly it is now. This has surely been the downfall of many unsuspecting christians. May it not be ours. May we along with our King bear the weight of the wretched condition of the world and some of the church and in so doing may we find lasting freedom from the seductive task masters of amusement and entertainment.

Eric Lanham

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Charlotte, NC


Entertainment in moderation has its place in life. But, the degree to which we glutton ourselves on entertainment is far from where God would have us to be. Though America is full of people who work hard every day, our lives are so empty that we feel the need to either fill it with more work or a lot of entertainment. We do have a "God-sized void" in our hearts designed to be satisfied by eternity alone, but where eternity does not fill, we attempt to fill it with something else.

Does the average person even just sit around for five minutes and do nothing? No TV. No radio. No internet. No nothing. Just five minutes of complete solitude? We feel the need to be bombarded with sensory over load. This is the "sensuality" that the apostles warned of. "Sensuality" need not be pornographic or erotic. At its essence, it's simply about the stimulating of the senses. It's about "the experience" we have when we do something.

Jimmy H

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Joined: 2008/4/7
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 Re: Entertainment in moderation

Sorry KingJimmy, I really do think [b]it is way too late for entertainment in moderation[/b]. When I read that I heard a thousand drug addicts cry for heroine in moderation – just a little substitute for Joy and fellowship in the Holy Spirit. Even the wedding in Cana was not for entertainment. I am talking to believers.

I understand the thinking, the hope, that leads to the encouragement to moderation. I just recalled a true refrain in a very old secular song: "I stayed too long at the fair." Kinda fits the thoughts here on the circus of death. I know you know this because you go on to write about "sensuality" and that is the lust of the flesh. Lust: when it cannot be unbridled it begs for just a little, a taste, just in moderation.

I came across something about being awakened that I will try to post that may be related here.

 2009/10/3 14:34Profile

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