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 The Difference Between the True Gospel and the False - Ambrose Rigge

Ambrose Rigge (1635-1705), born in Bampton in Westmorland England, was an eminent Quaker minister. From his schoolmaster background, his writings were succinct, easily understood, carefully documented with scripture backup, and very instructive. In 2008, very little of his writings can be found. His writings were often convicting of those comfortable with their continuing sins, failing to conquer sin through the inward cross of self denial; therefore also failing to experience the baptism of fire and death into Christ, and the entrance into the Kingdom of God. He writes plainly as to the necessity of the cross, and exposes the appeals to bypass this prerequisite of becoming a true Christian. This cry was not a popular, so his books fell into obscurity. His writings are truly great and stand with the best of the early Quaker exhortations, reproofs, and encouragements. His Journal is short, but instructive. His letters are outstanding, scholarly, logical, convicting, and inpiring.

The difference between the true gospel and the false, truly stated and clearly demonstrated; that all people, may see and read which gospel they have received and obeyed these many years, whether the true gospel, or the false.

THE true and everlasting gospel of Jesus Christ the Son of God, is glad tidings of good things; which are remission of sins, and reconciliation to God by Jesus Christ, Luke 1:19, Luke 8:1, which was preached to give the knowledge of salvation unto all people by the remission of sins, Luke 1:77. So here it manifestly appears, that this gospel was preached to give the knowledge of salvation to all people, which knowledge was only received by the remission of sins.

The false gospel of antichrist the man of sin is sad tidings of bad things, in which there is no remission of sins, but a continual slavery unto sin and Satan all man's days, according as it is and has been taught by the teachers of this generation, which is as contrary to the true gospel, as light is to darkness.

The true gospel message is to turn people from darkness to the light, and from the power of Satan unto God, that they might receive forgiveness of sins, and an inheritance among them that are sanctified by faith in his Son, Acts 26:18.

The message of the false gospel is, that people can never come from under the power of Satan, but must have a body of sin as long as they live, which is sad tidings, and not glad tidings. For another to pretend freedom to him that has been under a tyrant's power from his birth, and take his money as though he would bring him to Christ who would free him, and yet in the end tell him he must remain under the power of this tyrant all his days; this is sad tidings to him, who has spent his money, and is neither redeemed, nor has any hopes ever to be while he lives; and such is the false gospel at this day.

The message of the true gospel is a proclamation of liberty and freedom to all captives, who have been imprisoned in sin and transgression, in which the blood of Christ is freely held forth for the remission of sins, Mat 26:28.

The message of the false gospel is continual captivity in sin, and never liberty nor freedom from it, as we have seen by many years sad experience.

The true Captain of salvation said: Learn from me, and you shall find rest to your soul, Mat 11:29.

The false leader said: You shall never overcome, but be in a continual warfare, and shall never come to peace nor rest here, which is sad news indeed. The messengers of the true gospel say: They were circumcised with the circumcision made without hands, in putting off the body of the sins of the flesh by the circumcision of Christ, Col 2:11.

The messengers of the false gospel say: This can never be done, but men must have a body of sin as long as they live, which is far different from the other.

The messengers of the true gospel say: Christ shall save his people from their sins.

The messengers of the false gospel say: Christ shall save from the punishment due to sin, but not from committing sin; which doctrine overthrows the justice of God, who gives to every one according to their deeds.


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 Re: The Difference Between the True Gospel and the False - Ambrose Rigge

very good thanks for posting

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