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This thread is officially in Cal/Arm waters now and will be shut down. Please refrain from these types of discussions on SermonIndex.


Paul Frederick West

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The Arminians who were present at the Synod of Dort were in chains

Do you have proof of this?

This is a Historical Description of what took place-
"This synod convened on November 13, 1618 consisting of 39 pastors and 18 ruling Elders from the Belgic churches, 5 professors from the universities of Holland, 19 delegates from the Reformed churches in Germany and Switzerland, and 5 professors and bishops from Great Britain. France was also invited but did not attend. The Synod was thus constituted of 86 voting members in all. There were 154 formal sessions and many side conferences held during the six months that the Synod met to consider these matters. The last session of the Synod was held on May 9, 1619."

I don't know where you are getting your information, but you should double check it.

Jesus was not SINFUL, He did not become a SINNER

You are right, and as taylor said, I would not have worded things the way Luther did. nor would I say that everything Luther said was to be taken as the be all end all.

Christ was a vicarious sacrifice, or a substitute for every sinner He would redeem and to be honest, we really don't know EXACTLY what happened when He was on the Cross except for the fact that the sins of His people were imputed to Him so that His righteousness would be imputed to them to be acquired by faith and repentance.

patrick heaviside

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