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 Psalm 91

Hello. Psalm 91 is one of my favorite chapters of the Bible and,to me, one of the most fascinating.It seems to me that it is a promise to all those who abide in God. I honestly find it to be one of the most intriguing things the Bible has to tell us! I want to know what some of you Bible scholars have to say about this chapter. It seems to cover every fearful aspect of life! Is it, indeed, a promise to us as believers? If it is...Oh my gosh...this is just staggering to think about! Is Psalm 91 what we could have if we really live by faith?!

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 Re: Psalm 91

Dear Spitfire,

Psalm 91 is a wonderful chapter which shows us just how much God will love and protect us when we truly believe in Him. Yes, God's promises are true and reliable and we can count on these.

However, we must remind ourselves that Psalm 91 is not the whole Bible, and should not be taken as the pattern for our actual lives. There are many other things to be considered that can affect our lives - things that spring from within us, things that God may allow in our lives to train and mold us, and things that will develop from without.

Whatever happens, we must continue to believe and trust in God, and offer up our lives to Him each day.

In Christ's Love,

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