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Discussion Forum : News and Current Events : Israeli Priminister Netanyahu Addresses The U.N. - "Have You No Shame?"

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 Israeli Priminister Netanyahu Addresses The U.N. - "Have You No Shame?"

The truth was told beautifully, Praise Jesus


 2009/9/24 17:38Profile

 Re: Israeli Priminister Netanyahu Addresses The U.N. - "Have You No Shame?"

Thank you sister White Stone.

But you know what the sad reality is? For centuries the "church", and proclaimed "followers" of Jesus, whether they be Russian orthodox, or "followers" of that scarlet whore, the roman institution, whole "christian" nations chased and perscuted and murdered millions of the people of my tribe, Israel, and do you know the only tolerant and safe places we were allowed to live unmolested?

Within the lands of the followers of Allah.

How about that for irony?

and today, many within the North American "evangelical church", which has cleved to the republican party "support" Israel, they say they "love the Jews", which I do not doubt, neither their love nor their support, but I am now suspect of this "support", fore I ascertain that this "support" is foundationally based on the reality that Israel is the tip of the spear, that the American empire wishes to use against Arab nations, primarily Islamic, because under these very nations lay a black pool of oil, the blood of dynamic capitalism, that America consumes in vast amounts, 6% of the worlds population using 20-25% of the world's daily crude oil output. That is unsustainable, and will cost this nation, both blood and treasure.

Also, I feel, in my spirit, many Gentile followers of Messiah, LONG for the "Day of the Lord", and believe the more support they give to Israel, will hasten Messiah's return. Scripture tells us time and time again NOT to long for the Day of the Lord. Anything the rulers of man DO to hasten this day, to stir the pot, will surely end in ruin.

Now, as you know, I am a Jew, one who follows Jesus, with all my heart and all my soul and all my mind, and though I was born in America, I wore the uniform of the US Navy, I now have a son attending one of the elite military academies as a 14 year old freshman, who is intent on going to Annapolis, intent on becoming a naval aviator. All these things are fine, but I know the reality, what happened in Germany, circa 1933-1945, can very very easily, happen here in America, and do you know what?

Just as in Germany, hitler was given both the "blessing" of both the mainline Lutheran church and that man of perdition, the pope in rome, so it will be the same here, God forbid America ever raises up a "hitler" on these shores, which could very very likely happen in the future, especially if this nation is one day humbled both economically and militarily, fore the rabble will scream, as they have in the past for someone to blame, and usually that focus of ire and murder are on us Jews. FACT. The reason why is the foul machinations of the devil, who knows full and well, his only hope is to kill off the Jews.

I dont write all this to be unkind to you or to say bad things against you, though the last post you made about me was very unkind and undeserved, dont think I dont read that stuff, I just dont feel the need to respond to those who say slander about me, or disagree with me.

If you want to gauge my "politics", gauge it thru my "Israeli" eyes, (a nation I could claim citizenship [b]tommorrow[/b] ) and those eyes are ultra right wing, akin to King David, if up to me, the Iranian nuclear program would already be smoking rubble, the so called "West Bank", would have been annexed, and reconfigured as the two new states of the Land of Israel, Judea and Samaria, which would join the third state of Israel, the nation already in place. If the Palestinians really want a state, it's right next door, currently called "Jordan". The UN and the US, and the rest of the world can pony up a billion dollars so King Abdullah and his wife, and the rest of the royal retinue can relocate to Monaco, and gamble and cavort with the rest of the worlds elite who enjoy such nonsense.

The only disagreement I have with some is that you dont harm the Dome of the Rock and build the 3rd Temple. This is sin, as it was Muslims who were once, long ago, kind to us, and allowed us to live peacefully in the land of our forefathers. This recent emnity and war, is the result of the machinations of both the Ottoman Turks, the British Empire, and the birthpangs of the modern state of Israel.

Now we have the rulers and clerics in Iran saying they will burn Israel with fire, this will never happen. God will guide the pilots and the submariners, and the special forces of the IDF, when they terminate the Iranian nuclear program. This will happen sooner than later.

May God bless you, Messiah keep you, and prosper your household, in Jesus' love, neil

 2009/9/25 10:09

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