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When men come under severe stress and preasure, sometimes the blood vessels in their face literally burst.

Do you have proof of this? Just curious?

Also, how many of those men were God in the flesh? and were suffering for the very enemies He would redeem?

This is no mere man we are discussing, and I would hope we would all tremble a bit to write things that compare a mere man with our Savior and God.

patrick heaviside

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Saints, does this feel like one of those heavy, thick threads, or is it just me? Certain threads like this one, give off an almost hostile aroma. I want to comment on a few things, but I don't know if it will help :( They're not really related to the bulk of the thread, which at this point I haven't read only the last page. Seems to late to hop into this one.

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Roaringlamb, I really wasn't trying to compare Him with a man. My point was to try to compare the agony of God to the apparent lack of agony im men over the same kind of death. Clearly, dying or even physical pain wasn't the issue. It was the prospect of drinking the cup of HIs Father's holy anger and wrath that each of us should have drunk that was so agonizing to Him. Minimizing the sacrifice leads almost invariably to minimizing the diety of the Savior.

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