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Discussion Forum : Scriptures and Doctrine : Marriage and Divorce

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 Marriage and Divorce

In this present age of apostasy, saint and sinner alike are often faced with questions on what the Bible teaches regarding marriage and divorce. Since the Bible is the final authority, all the scripture surrounding these topics must be considered in detail in order to conclude what is the will of God in this matter.

I would like to present to you, what I think is the very best document outside the Bible that has ever been written on the subject. In this document each scripture is carefully examined and it's teaching brought to final and proper conclusion.

Let me reiterate, that the Bible does not cover ever single case situation regarding this complex and ultra important subject, especially when it comes to re-marriage. I would challange the reader, with that said, to find a more thorough and clear document than this. I simply cannot.

I am my wife's first husband, but she is not my first wife. So naturally, as this subject was brought before us, we wanted to know what the Bible demands of us and what it does not. If you are in this situation, and have set your heart on serving the Lord with devotion, piety, and obedience, please love your spouse and the Lord enough to read this document through. Do not form any conclusions about your own personal situation until you are completely finished. Then talk it over together and pray and ask God to shine His light into your hearts. Find peace with God in your decision. After all, it is between you three that determines the eternal outcome. God bless you as you do, here is the url:

Humbly before Him,


Lahry Sibley

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 Re: Marriage and Divorce

hi, what thrills me is that we are the bride and He will not put us away as easily as some proport. His covenant with us is even more serious than we can imagine.if a couple from arizona divorce are they still brother and sister. lol and lots andLOTS of love.jimp

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