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Well, I hate to be the one to break this to you but Waltern plagiarized every bit that post you were so impressed with. You need to be impressed with the web site, "The True Gospel" and their article, "Repentance, Belief, and the Gospel" instead of Walter.

He copied and pasted 2/3's of it almost word for word. He changed all the Bible verses to KJV but go to the website and read theirs and you will know whose it is, not Waltern's.

I am just so shocked!

As if any man ever had anything ORIGINAL to begin with. I don't care if he copied and pasted, and I don't believe in "copy rights", when it comes to anything concerning God's word to begin with.

BRAVO Walter, that you even believe what you copied and pasted!

I don't remember which book it's in but somewhere God said:


And then I think the next verse was something like.

I getest so disgustededest, withest all thee dorkest wadest, who continuallyist, quotest me outest of contextus. And habituallyist makest upest so manyest falsehoodest. So PLAGIARIZEST ME PLEASE!

They say when something is said twice in the Word it means it's established, so God is really into plagiarizism.

"Oh Waltern you copy cat!"

I suppose you like to copy Jeeesus too.

Copy cat, copy cat!

I'm having way too much fun here!

:-P 8-) ;-) :-D :-)

Hey someone diable that smiley!

Had to come back and add this: If I go to the web site, I am sure that I will find that even though they are or seem to be pretty right on in the article that Walter posted, that they will be going off into Satan land in another area. That's ALWAYS the way it is.

I give up a LONG TIME AGO, ever thinking I would find any ministry that was right on the truth of the gospel in every area. They will be right on in one spot just to draw us pilgrims in, and keep us from moving on to seek and recover the original truth. You wind up getting out of one falsehood, just to fall into another with some "group", with some "leader".

Regards, (all in fun...but I mean it.)
El Harris

PS. I went back and read what Walter Posted again, and he states after his first paragraph "This is excellent". I missed that the first time, not realizing he was bascially saying he was "copy and paisting" another work. Well again he's right it was EXCELLENT!

I also went to the web site, and checked some of it out, and really the only blatent thing I found that I do not agree with is sabbath keeping and keeping feast days. Wonder if they teach you can't eat pork? Don't know.

Regardless, that article Walter shared, I liked it very much.

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But you have used bad language, just because you don't want to hear about it does not change anything.TO many that word is offensive. I have young sisters who come here and they would be in trouble for using the word you chose to use in your post.
Please reconsider your use of language I would hate to think that I can not have young ones coming here because of bad language being used:(

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