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 Matthew 24:37-39

I have a question about these scriptures...I know that there is some signifigance as to the different spellings of Brother Noah's name in these scriptures. I was wondering if you all could give me some insight as to what they are. I have done very little research myself, but I am assuming that someone here has done more than I have and can give me some much desired information! Thank you all in advance. I will also continue to search and see what God reveals to me about this! Have a blessed day or night, depending on where you are at! :-) Looking forward to your revelations!

In Christ,

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 Re: Matthew 24:37-39

There is no real significance to the different spelling that is used in the KJV. Noe is simply the Greek transliteration of the Hebrew word Noah.

By the way, the name Noah means "rest".

Ron Halverson

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Thanks for your response! I was hoping that I would get a few more responses...I'm one of those people who believe that God put everything in the Bible for a reason. And I just know that there is some significance as to why his name is spelled two different ways in this particular passage. I am aware that it is spelled using two different translations, but there has certainly got to be a reason why it was put here, in this particular spot! I shall keep digging and asking God to show me! Maybe He wants me to figure it out for myself. I guess this thread isn't very interesting to most, considering that it isn't a debate about this or that...but I will continue to seek and hopefully find what I am looking for. In the mean time, if God gives anyone else a revelation about it...I'd be grateful if you'd share! Blessings to all!
In Christ,
Wendy :-)

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